MP CM’s wife Mrs Alka Nath seen in public after long time, backs son Nakul Nath

Mrs Alka Nath is light green sari

Chhindwara: “I am not in any political meeting, but I have come among my family and family relations are not related to victory and defeat. Our family has been serving Chhindwara and will continue to do so. I know that the child in the district is contesting elections. I will not say to anybody what you have to do. But, of course, would say that Nakul will go ahead with his father and do double work.”
The Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s wife Alka Nath said this at the Women’s Conference held at Umranala. See said that everyone knows that Lord Krishna was given birth by Mother Devaki, but he was brought up by Mayya Yashoda. I am in the role of Devaki in this present-day situation.
Speaking about son Nakul Nath, she said that We have dedicated Nakul to Chhindwara. You will always get this love of all, I have full faith. He said that I had come to Chhindwara by becoming a daughter-in-law and sister. In these 40 years, I have now become a mother and grandmother and sister and sister-in-law of the entire area.
Nakul Nath holds meetings in 6 villages
Nakul Nath addressed the 6 meetings in villages under Amrvadha and informing public about charity work. He said that he has come among the commoners to follow the command of his father Kamal Nathji. I have said Kamal Nathji that he is now responsible for the development of the whole state, due to its due to time, you have to be involved in every pleasure and misery of Chhindwara and also have to keep in mind that none of the people of Chhindwara can get any suffering . I give you responsibility for Chhindwara as a son. Nakul said that the BJP is again working to spread confusions. Every farmer should remember that the debt waiver will start when the Code of Conduct is over.