BJP MPs facing opposition in 16 seats of Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal, March 16, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): For the first time, to assess the defeat and win of Lok Sabha seats, BJP has created five teams and received 29 seats’ report. In this, the local leaders along with the legislators and the district heads strongly opposed the sitting MPs. Several big leaders, including Union Minister Virendra Kumar, former state president Nandkumar Singh Chauhan, Ganesh Singh include the list. BJP has 26 seats out of 29 in MP. The party will send this report to the central leadership.
In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP had collected opinion of the members of the State Election Committee by sending them on the spot ie Lok Sabha constituencies, but this time the leaders associated with the Lok Sabha seats were called to Bhopal. However, in the five teams taking seat-wise feedback, one state president Rakesh Singh, the other former chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, the third union minister Narendra Singh Tomar and leader of the opposition Gopal Bhargava, the fourth organization Suhas Bhagat and Narottam Mishra, the fourth organization and the fifth vice president Prabhat Jha and National Secretary General Kailash Vijayvargiya.
The meeting of the state election committee will be held on March 19, so before all the 29 seats will be sent to the national president Amit Shah. In the evening, National General Secretary Anil Jain held a separate meeting with the Lok Sabha Election Managing Committee team. In the Central Election Committee meeting on March 22, certain names of the MPs will be decided.
Opposition of MP, Alok Sanjar:
MP Alok Sanjar is also facing opposition. Former Chief Minister Babulal Gaur and former minister Umashankar Gupta have already declared their claim. Mayor Alok Sharma and State Minister of State VD Sharma are also pushing. On Friday, former MLA Ramesh Sharma, Dhruvnarayan Singh, Shailendra Pradhan and Jitendra Daga also expressed their desire to contest the elections. The leaders of Bhopal have talked from the RSS’s Samitha office to Rajnath Singh, M. Venkaiah Naidu and National Organization for the Chief Minister Ramlal.
These 4 questions are asked
1. What is the atmosphere in the area about the current MP?
2. If you are losing, leave your name and tell who the strong option will be and how will it be?
3. Who will be influential among caste equations, youth and peasants? Who can be the candidate from the BSP?
4. What is the name of Congress leader, who can be a candidate, how is his image and hold?