Heavy hail storm, streets covered with whiteness in Dindori town of MP

Dindori: The weather suddenly changed. Due to this, heavy hail storm occurred in Dindori and its surroundings on Friday. Roads covered with whiteness due to the hail of half-an-hour. Weather has also changed in Bhopal. Early in the morning due to cold winds eith city remains cold. At the same time, the Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of light drizzling on Saturday.
The cold winds have changed the trend of the weather. On Friday, at 4 o’clock in the Dindouri and adjoining areas wet hail came with heavy rain. Hail falls in such a large quantity that snowfall is occurring in mountainous areas. This hail of up to half an hour has increased the concern of farmers. There is a possibility of heavy loss of crops. Many places were wet in wheat fields.
Here, the Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of showers with strong winds or showers. Rains in the districts of Rewa, Shahdol and Jabalpur, and in Vidisha, Raisen, Hoshangabad, Sagar, Damoh and Harda districts, there is possibility of rain and showers with strong winds somewhere.
Drizzle likely in Bhopal
Cloud covering for two days. On Saturdays, there is hope for a light drizzle. After this the sky will be gradually cleared. Holi is not likely to make special changes in the season. On Holi, day and night temperature may be less than 2-3 degrees below normal. In such a situation, people on Holi will feel cold in the morning and evening.
The increase in the weather will continue
Former senior weather scientist SK Nayak told that the sky will now become clear because there is no system. In such a case, the sun will rise and due to the low humidity in the environment, it is possible to increase the temperature of 2-3 degrees in the day. Regardless, its night temperature will be less than usual. There will be quite a difference in day and night temperature. This trend is seen every month in the month of March, which will continue this time too. At the end of the month there may be a buzzword once again around March 27 and 28.