Glaring mistakes in voter cards of Bhopal, many may be deprived of voting in LS polls

Bhopal. Prior to the general election, voters’ names have changed in the special campaign to add names of new voters and name revision in the voter list. Their voter ID cards have numerous discrepancies. Salma’s name has appeared as Salman and Pannalal’s as Munnalal. The difficulty of the voters has increased since the announcement of the election, because the work of error correction has also been closed undeclared. The full focus of the Commission and the staff has now been on the election process, in which the voters are in dilemma whether they will be able to use their franchise with the wrong voter ID?
When the woman’s photo is, how did the man’s name be written: Asoka Garden resident Salma Khan applied for a voter card from the JB Pant School center. When she saw her name on the new Voter card, she was shocked. It was written Salman. Salma says that even though my photo was in the application, how can someone make such a mistake? Salma has filled a new form for correction on March 3.
The name disappeared from the voter ID only by surname: Manisha Kesharia Pardeshi who made the card from Budh-3002 also filled the error correction form. In the voter card of Manisha, her name disappeared. Only the surname Kesariya Pardeshi is written Manisha says that the mobile number was given on the form. If there was a confusion, then authorities could call on it. It was hard to have the card. Now God knows whether it will be correction.
Disturbing in the name of father in the name of son, now the trouble is happening: The name of Pannalal Suryavanshi, who lives in the Narela assembly, has been named Munnalal in the Voter Aye Card. The name of Suryavanshi, who left his father, has also written short Suryavanshi. Pannalal has also filled the error correction form. For this, he had to deposit 25 rupees in challan. The name of Asad Khan, father of Muhammad Fardeen, who reached the center, has also been named Asif.
The price of a mistake 25 rupees: The shocking thing is that the value of the employees’ fault is also being collected from the voters. The voters who fill the error correction form are required to make an invoice of 25 rupees from SBI and deposited in the district office. Election Commission has instructed to take special permissions before any error in the card before the error correction.
If this happened by mistake of employees creating the voter ID then action would be taken after investigation. The work of error correction is in progress, but according to the rules, the process will be stopped after 20th day.- Sudam Khade, Collector, Bhopal