Man held for raping daughter for 3 years at Indore, victim is medical college student

Bhopal, March 17, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): A 20-year-old daughter studying physiotherapy at Indore was being raped by her real father for 3 years. On Friday, the girl reached the Banganga police station in Indore along with her female friends and filed a complaint against the father. Police arrested the 38-year-old father. The girl told the police that the father was doing dirty work by threatening to stop studying and killing his mother.
This year I will go to the hostel and my younger sister will come home from the hostel. After me, the father will also do wrongdoing. After listening to the lecture of Nirbhaya in college, when I told this to two friends, he planned to gather evidence against the father. We have been recording the father’s phone for ten days. On Friday, Father again did dirty work, so I came to the police station.
‘Father has been doing dirty work with me for three years. He threatens to stop my studies or kill her mother. This year I will be staying in the hostel and the younger sister will come home from the hostel. I am afraid that the father will also commit a misdeed with younger. That fear is haunting me. I told this to my two friends. They gave me courage. Planned to raise evidence against the father. We have been recording the conversation of Father’s call to me for ten consecutive days. Even on Friday, the father misbehaved with me and reached the station directly.
This tale of a father’s fervor, the 20-year-old student studying physiotherapy in the Medical College told by her to the police. Banganga Police arrested the accused on Friday night. According to investigator SI Shraddha Singh Panwar, the victim told that her college time is 8 am to 4 pm. The fatherhas spoiled my whole life.
Father works in the night shift in a spice factory. Mother also works in the same factory in the day. The accused started crying in the police station. The daughter is 20 years old and the father is 38 years old. The victim told that there is also a younger brother.
The victim said that the father deposited 61 thousand rupees fees in college last year. He kept the condition that the next fee will be given only when I reach him on a daily basis and I will not tell anyone. The victim’s friend told Bhaskar that a day before Shivratri, the victing had taken a lecture of Nirbhaya in thd college. During this time, my friend (victim), who was sitting near me, said to me that this also happens to me. After this, she recorded a conversation with another friend to collect evidence against the father.
When the phone came, he used to go away and talk
The girl students told that Saheli’s father threatened with phone in the afternoon every afternoon. He used to say that I am not sleepy. If you do not come, then I will kill your mother or herself. Whenever the call came, our friend went away and talked. We used to think that why the father’s call goes away, but then we could not understand anything. Saheli has now told the whole thing. We will help him completely. The accused will be punished.
If the girl’s mother had a respect for the home of the house then she would have been better daughter
Police suspect the mother of the victim was also aware. Once the victim had told her mother that the father of one of my friends does wrong with her, what should she do? Then the mother had said that daughter’s father runs home. It is better to complain to your friend that the respect of the house should stay in the house. On Friday, the woman SI got the victim to phone her mother and started the loud speaker. Mother said that the daughter has taken your father to the police. Daughter said, “I am the home of my friend.” If there was anything like this, it was not so. It was good to stay at home if the house was respected. The doubt is that the husband earns 17 thousand rupees a month, the wife is silent in this greed.