MP High Court approved settlement only after deposit of 5 thousand rupees each for Pulwama martyrs

Gwalior : The High Court’s Gwalior Bench gave unprecedented judgment in the case of flirting. The High Court accepted the agreement filed on behalf of the accused on the condition that the accused would deposit 5-5 thousand rupees for assistance to Pulwama victim CRPF jawans, with the help of through the Veer app.
A dancer was called on the New Year’s Eve in the Isagad police station area of ​​Ashoknagar district. Meanwhile, Bharat, Jitendra, Ashu and Dilip Yadav eve-teased the dancer. When the dancer protested, the accused beat her.
In this case, both parties had complained to the police station, so the police had registered a cross case. The accused were arrested in this case and the challan was issued against them. But later the two sides agreed to reconcile each other.
Amount deposited with Veer app
The matter reached the High Court for confirmation of this agreement. On Monday it was heard. Meanwhile, the High Court accepted the agreement proposal on behalf of the accused on this condition that they would deposit a sum of Rs 5000 each in the CRPF’s welfare fund. The High Court has given this order after granting it and directed to submit its receipt. The amount through the Veer App has been deposited by the accused. On this condition, the High Court came on both sides. Reconciliation agreement has been accepted.