Studio operator, two children die in Road mishap in Gwalior, were returning from Mathura

Gwalior: Four people, including photo studio operator Ashoknagar, returning from Mathura and their two children died in a road accident. The accident happened at Mohali near Gopal-Shivpuri highway at 4 am on Monday. The operator of the studio was travelling in a car with his family and acquaintances. The accident occurred due to rash driving by his driver on the highway. Then suddenly a truck hit a road side and during this time the driver also took a nap. As soon as the blink started, the car crashed straight into the truck coming from the front. The truck driver did not apply the brakes and after the collision, he escaped with the truck.
A young man working with the studio operator and daughter, sitting on the seat next to the driver, died on the spot. While his son succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. 9 people were injured in the accident, who were admitted to JAH.