CEO Shri Agrawal quenches voters queries on Facebook Live, Explains cVIGIL App through live demo

Bhopal : March 19, 2019 (Muslim Saleem) Joint Chief Electoral Officer Shri Abhijit Agrawal communicated directly with voters through Facebook Live. Shri Agrawal answered questions asked by people on Facebook page of CEOMPElection. Queries made during the live session mostly included topics like voter IDs, voter’s facilities, violations of code of conduct, involvement of youth in voter awareness. Shri Agrawal disclosed that during the pre election period, latest information on election will be given live to voters through social media later also.
How to complain about the violation of code of conduct ? Shri Agrawal explained how to lodge a complaint through photo and video by a demonstration on how to open the cVIGIL App in the mobile.
How to obtain a duplicate voter ID when the voter I-card is lost ? Shri Agrawal said that for this firstly an application has to be filled in format 002, then a bank challan of Rs 25 has to be deposited and the copy of the challan has to be submitted in the office of the concerned registration officer along with the application. The voter can hand over the application to the booth level officer of his/her area also. The new voter ID can be obtained through the BLO.
How to obtain information about your BLO or polling station? He said that information in this regard can be obtained by calling toll free number 1950. Also information about BLO and polling centers can be obtained online at