Filmi style bid by youth to abduct girl, cuts his veins when surrounded by people at Savrdharm colony, Bhopal

Bhopal, March 20, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan):A Filmi style bid was made by a youth to abduct girl, cuts his veins when surrounded by people at at Sardharm colony here yesterday. The girl had come here from Maharashtra only four months ago to look after her ailing grandmother. She said that the youth, who also belongs to the same city in Maharashtra is the boyfriend of her female friend. She knows nothing more about him.
The young man entered the house of clss 11th student and tried to kidnap her. When the girl’s maternal uncle intervened, the accused first attacked him with a knife on his forehead. But Seeing the people sitting in the neighborhood, the accused cut the veil of his hand with the same knife. After FIR, the Kolar police station caught the accused, but the police could not even know why he wanted to kidnap the girl. Residents have been in panic since the incident on Tuesday afternoon.
Originally a 16-year-old teenager from Maharashtra, the girl is a student of 11th. Her maternal uncle told that on Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 pm shet was on the ground floor. Then Maharashtra resident Shubham Sabakar (22) entered the house. The girl was brought by Shubham the outside the house. Listening to the loud noise, people of the neighborhood also started gathering. People were in panic. The grandmother and maternal grandmother were stained with blood. Seeing that he has been surrounded by people, Shubham cut the veil of his right hand with the same knife. Meanwhile, Kolar police also came here on the information of a resident. After this,they took hold of him and brought him to the police station.
Shubham came here with a friend in a car. Residents have told the family that Shubham’s companion escaped after seeing the police. TI Anil Vajpayee says that it has not been revealed at this time that why the accused came to abduct 450 km away from his house? Because the girl says that the accused is a friend of her friend. She does not know anything about it. At present the case has been registered against the accused. After the technical check-up and family statement, the reason for the incident can come out.