Jaya Bachchan trolled after her misbehaviour with selfie-seeking fan

Jaya Bachchan’s temper is no hidden secret and neither is the fact that the veteran actress hates getting clicked. While Jaya has schooled the paparazzi several times, this time she did the same with a fan.Recently, the 70-year-old was caught on camera as she scolded fans outside a restaurant for clicking her pictures on their mobile phones without her permission. It happened after the birthday lunch of Karan Johar’s mother Hiroo Johar.
Jaya was among the guests, and she was surrounded by paparazzi the moment she came out of the party venue. Although she allowed the media to click her pictures, Jaya snubbed a fan for taking her picture. “Did you ask me before clicking the picture? Tameez seekho (learn some manners),” she said.
Interestingly, seconds after the incident, Jaya slammed another person after she saw him clicking her pictures on his phone.
She lost her cool again and warned him not to do so.
And when the person said “Sorry”, Jaya retorted saying, “Sorry, Angrezi mein bas itna hi seekha hai? (Sorry, is that all the English you know?)”.
Well, Jaya has got her rules quite clear. Jaya is certainly not to be messed with! She is always angry and unkind, netizens blast Jaya
Troll: She is always angry and unkind, netizens blast Jaya
Interestingly, as soon as the video went viral on social media, Jaya was trolled for her arrogance towards fans.
In fact, her behavior didn’t go down well with the netizens who called her rude and unkind.
“My god so much arrogance n head weight. poor guy was clicking her pic. look at her attitude she is always angry n unkind,” an Instagram user wrote.