Buses will also run in BRTS in Bhopal, may be dismantled if traffic does not improve

Bhopal, March 21, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): In addition to the low floor, other passenger buses plying on this route will also be run in BRTS corridor in Bhopal on the trial for two months. After this, if the traffic is not corrected then the corridor will be dismantled. BRTS Corridor of Indore will stay.
Urban Administration Minister Jaivardhan Singh said on Wednesday that due to security reasons school buses will not be allowed to run in the corridor. If a bus running in a city is going from Bairagarh to Misrdd, then it will run in the corridor.
City Fororest will be built in big cities: Talking to the media in PCC, said that about the Metro Rail, the MoU in the center, state and the metro company will be reviewed. Also, the master plan of the cities will be the transit oriented development base. City forests will be built in big cities, so that people get clean air. Singh said that the GDP of the cities contributed 55 per cent of the country’s GDP. That’s why the focus of the government will be on the development of the cities. There are 378 urban bodies in the state, in which availability of pure water will be priority.