Father murders mother-daughter, hanged self before wedding of daughter

Dabra (MP), March 22, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): On Friday, the bodies of three members of the same family were recovered from the house by the police in a colony on the district headquarters. Police found the body of the mother-daughter’s lying inside the house and in the second room the dead body of woman’s husband was hanging . It is being speculated that first he slits the throats of wife and daughter and then hanged himself. The girl was to be married on April 17. The girl’s mother Sudha was anganwadi worker.
According to information received from the police, there was the house of Pappu Goswami near the school of Pathak, located in Deedar Colony here. When no member of the house came out in the morning, then the neighbors first knocked on the door. After this there was no stir, then the bodies of the blood-covered mother-daughter was seen, when people peeped through the door hole. The locals informed the police about the incident.
The body of the head of the house was hung in the inside room: the police reached the spot and broke the door of the house. The mother-daughter’s bodies were lying in the room. The body of Pappu Goswami was hanging in the inside room. The police called the forensic expert. It is being investigated by what reasons the murder has occurred and under what circumstances. It is being said that Pappu’s mental condition was not correct, which was causing fear that the head of the house Pappu would have hanged after the murder of his wife and daughter.