Urdu poets and writers of Shahjahanpur by Muslim Saleem

Muslim Saleem reciting his ghazals at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012. (The poetry portion of this site is edited by Muslim Saleem, who is poet, writer and journalist of repute. Muslim Saleem’s ash’ar are widely popular due to being connected with grassroots. It was his idea that we created this directory of Urdu poets and writers of All-India level (-Chief Editor, Ataullah Faizan and Editor Abdul Ahad Farhan) (See Muslim Saleem’s poetry with English and Hindi translations at this web site and muslimsaleem.blogspot.com and wikipedia.org. This directory can also be seen by surfing ‘urdu poets and writers of india on google or directly in the poety section of khojkhabarnews.com)

(See Muslim Saleem’s poetry with English and Hindi translations at and http://www.muslimsaleem.blogspot.com, http://www.khojkhabarnews.com, http://www.muslimsaleem.wordpress.com and wikipedia.org)Email: saleemmuslim@gmail.com mobiles:  09009217456, 09893611323 phone 0755-2730580

Acknowledgement to great poet, writer, journalist, servant of Urdu and compiler of this directory, Muslim Saleem.

Muslim Saleem’s websites include;












and the Urdu web directories launched by him for taking matter for this article. For further details of Urdu poets and writers we recommend to browse the directories launched by Mr Muslim Saleem. They include: 1.Urdu poets and writers of world, 2. urdu poets and writers of India, 3. Urdu poets and writers of Madhya Pradesh, 4. Poets and writers of Allahabad, 5. Urdu poets and writers of Shahjahanpur, 6. Poets and writers of Kashmir (+Jammu) and Kashmiri origin. 7. Urdu poets and writers of West Bengal 8. Drama world of India. 8 Urdu poets and writers of Allahabad. 9. Urdu poetesses and female writers. (Blog team).

From Left) Zafar Naseemi, MP Urdu Academy Chairman Saleem Qureshi, Dr. Barqi Azmi, Prof Afaq Ahmad, Dr. Qasim Niazi, Muslim Saleem From Left) Zafar Naseemi, MP Urdu Academy Chairman Saleem Qureshi, Dr. Barqi Azmi, Prof Afaq Ahmad, Dr. Qasim Niazi, Muslim Saleem at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012.

Muslim Saleem taza kalam


Muslim Saleem (Right) with friend and maternal   cousin  Ziaurrehman Khan Qamar at the latter’s house in Bazar Bahadur Ganj in Shajehanpur on December 7, 2010.

Muslim Saleem (centre – black striped shirt) with nephews Syed Usman Hussain (left) and Syed Shahabuddin at Darul Mutalaa in Shajehanpur on December 7, 2010.




Abdul Qadeer Farooqi “Masroor”. Satire writer. Born: June 2, 1049. Address: 29, Tajukhel, Shahjahanpur-242001. ***************************************************************************************

Akhtar Shahjahanpuri: Poet: Address: Rangeen Chaupal, Shahjahanpur-242001 (UP). Mobile: o8953035474.

************************************************************************************** Asghar Yasir: Address: Tareen, Bahadurganj, Shahjahanpur-242001. I saw a na’at written by him by the title “Nazrana-e-Na’at” in the February edition of Naya Daur, Luknow on page number 24. Here is the na’at:. Naazish-e-duniya-e-Imkaan aap hain (saw) aap hain (saw), haan aap hain (saw), haan aap hain (saw) ahl-e-dard-o-gham ka darmaan aap hain (saw) wajh-e-taskeen-e-dil-o-jaan aap hain (saw) hai jo roodad-e-jamaal-e-kainaat markazi kirdar-o-unwaan aap hain (saw) faizyaab-e-raushni kaunain hai rahmaton ka mehr-e-tabaan aap hain (saw) dawat-e-rab arsh par jisko mili aise wahid rab ke mehmaan aap hain (saw) app (saw) say inshaniya ka hai bharam dar haqeeqat fakhr-e-insaan aap hain (saw) kis liye yasir daray toofan say us ki kashti ke nigehbaan aap hain (saw). (posted by Muslim Saleem on July 9, 2011) ************************************************************ Aslam Tariq (Poet), Mohalla Khalil Gharbi, Amba Talkies Road, Near Phirki Wali Masjid, Shahjehanpur (UP). Couplets; Khayal-o-Fikr mein jo maahtaab raushan hai Usi ki zau se mahabbat ka khwab raushan hai Zaban se pyar ke iqrar wo naheen karta magar nigahon mein uski jawab raushan hai **************************************************************************************

Ateeq Hasan Khan ‘Saba’

Ateeq Hasan Khan “Saba”: Poet. Born: January 15, 1953. Died: June 2011. Address: 429, Mohammad Zai, Noor Ahmad Saheb Street, Shahjahanpur-242001. Phones: 05842229198, 05842311884. email: ahk-saba@rediffmail.com ateeq_saba@yahoo.com. *************************************************************

Azeem Shajahanpuri



Dil Shahjehanpuri: Book: “Tarana-e-Dil”


Hanif Shahjahanpuri: Mohammad Hanif Shahjahanpuri was born in Shahjahanpur in 1920s. He left for Pakistan in 1950 and is now located in Naushera, Pakistan.


Hanif Syed:Real name Syed Haneef Ahmad. He was born to Janab Syed Rafat Ali at Kant town in Shahjahanpur district. He did his MA in Urdu and retired as headmaster of Junior High School, Bahadur Ganj (Roti Godam), Shahjanpur. He started writing short stories since 1972 in Khilona, Shama, Ajkal, Naya Daur, Pasban, Insha (Kolkata), Shair (Mumbai), UK Sada etc and has published 140 short stories so far. He has been honoured with International Academic Institute, London (UK) and Nishan-e-Adab Award by Azar Academy in 2011. His latest work is a novel titled “Eesaar ki chhoan tale”, which is being praised copiously. Present address: 22/34, Sui Katra, Agra-283003 (India).  Mob: 09236431364 abd 09319529720. Email: hanifsyed77@yahoo.com

This is the form for prize on the novel announced by Hanif Syed. Anyone can win this prize by filling this form. Click the picture to enlarge and download it.


Jalil Salafi.Poet. Born: December 6, 1958. He is a disciple of Naseem Shahajahnpuri. Address: 122, Ali Zai, Near Jangla, Shahjahanpur-242001. couplets: Sar mein kucch aise samayaa apne sauda-e-safar Chhor aaye ghar mein ham rakh-e-safar phaila hua Dhoop mein ik saaibaan ki shakl ho mera wujood Ai khuda mujh ko banade ik shajar phaila hua *************************************************************************

Mashhood Ahmad Khan Afaq

Mashhood Ahmad Khan Afaq: He was born to Mohammad Ahmad Khan on June 19, 1959 and is at present special assistant, Allahabad Bank, Govindganj, Shahjahanpur. He is the first satire writer of Shahjahanpur, who has published collection of his articles titled ‘Rang-e-Mazah’ on August 8, 2010. His another collection ‘Misra-e-Sani’ has also been released. Mashhood Ahmad Khan’s first article ‘Joota Chand Par’ was published in monthly ‘Imkan’ Lucknow in January 2009. In a short period, he wrote hundreds of articles and carved out a niche in the city’s literary environs. Address: 98, Tareen Tikli, Shahjahanpur (UP). Mobile No. 09236587155.


Mashhood Jamal: Satirist: full name: Syed Mashhood Jamal. Son of Syed Tafazzul Hussain. He is a lecturer in Islamia Inter College. Address: 2, Mehmand Jangla, Shahjahanpur-242001. (Note: He is a relative of Muslim Saleem)


Naseem Shahjahanpuri: Poet. Born: July 5, 1937 at Junagarh (Gujarat). Collection of poetry: Mauj-e-Naseem. Address: Tareen Jalal Nagar, Shahjahanpur-242001. Phone: 05842221213



Mohd. Abdul Hai Khan “Ashufta: Poet. Born 1926. Books: 1. Partav-e-Khayal 2. Partav-e-Jamal. Address: Mehmand Jangla, Shahjahanpur-242001 ************************************************************************Mohammed Azeem Siddiqui Azeem. Poet. Born: September 5, 1954. Address: Mohalla Baradari, Idgah Road, Opposite Masjid Mamodi, Shahjahanpur-242001. Phone: 05842233460. **********************************************************************

Dr. Qamar Rais: (See “Urdu poets and writers of India” on khojkhbarnews.com **********************************************************************

Raunaq Mansoori Arifi: Poet. Poetic anthology “Baazyaft” has been published recently, which consists poetry composed during the last about half a century. Address: 24, Mulla Khail, Shahjahanpur, UP.


Shamim Shahjahanpuri

He is a poet. His kalaam (along with that of a host of Shahjahanpuri shayers) has been put by Saleem Khan on his blog saleem598786.wordpress.com and can be viewed in its entirity at http://salim598786.wordpress.com/category/shamim/. His friend Shakil Akhtar, who has settled down in New Zealand has also posted Shamim’s kalam on his blog www.shakilakhtar.wordpress.com under category. Address: 219E, Tarin Jalalnagar, Shahjahanpur, UP.


Shabnam Roomani:Poet, columnist. Real name Mirza Azeem Baig Chughtai. He was born on December 30, 1928 in Shahjahanpur, India and passed away in Karachi, where he had settled after partition, on February 17, 2009. He did his graduation from the Agra University. His first book of poetry came in 1959 under the title of “Masnavi Sair Karachi” and later his three poetry compilations were published, titled as “Jazeera”, “Tohmat” and “Doosra Himala”. Besides, compilations of Naat and Manqabat, and a compilation of his literary columns titled as “Hyde Park” have also been published. Various publications are under-printing which include a compilation of his poems “Nafi Barabar Isbaat”, a compilation of literary criticism “Harf-o-Zarf”, a compilation of satirical articles “Kehtey Hain Jis Ko Ishqh” and a compilation of satirical poetry “Fun Hamara”. He was the publisher and editor of quarterly Aqdar, a literary Urdu magazine, . He wrote a regular column in Daily “Mashriq” Karachi. Faisal Azeem, one of Romani’s two sons, is a poet based in Canada–his book “Meri AankhoN saay Dekho” was published in 2007. Shabnam’s works: 1. Masnavi Sair Karachi (1959), 2.  Jazeera 3. Tohhmat, 4 . Harf-e-Nisbat. ************************************************************************ Tayyab Ali Khan Tayyab (poet): Mohammad Zai, Shahjehanpur. (UP). Couplets: Silsile jo barhte hain zehn-o-dil ki uljhan ke kyun larazte rehte hain saare aks darpan ke jiski qurbaten paakar neend aane lagti hai ab bhi yaad aate hain saaye uske daaman ke ************************************************************************ Waseem Meenai. Poet. Full name: Mohammad Wassem Khan. He is son of Naseem Shahjahanpuri. Born September 12, 1965. Books: Four collections of poetry. Editor of Sah Maahi Shan-e- Shahjahanpur. Address: Tareen Jalal Nagar, Shahjahanpur-242001. Phone: 05842221213. ************************************************************************Zameer Ahmed Khan “Zameer”.Poet. Born: June 1936. Book: In’ikaas. Address: Baduzai Peshawari, Shahjahanpur-242001. ************************************************************************Functions

Izazi Nashist report published in Jagran in 2008

About Muslim Saleem

Muslim Saleem (born 1950) is a great Urdu poet, writer and journalist and creator of massive directories of Urdu poets and writers on different blogs. These directories include 1. Urdu poets and writers of India part-1 2. . Urdu poets and writers of India part-II 3. Urdu poets and writers of World part-I 4. Urdu poets and writers of World part-II, 5. Urdu poets and writers of Madhya Pradesh, 6. Urdu poets and writers of Allahabad, 7. Urdu poets and writers of Shajahanpur, 8. Urdu poets and writers of Jammu-Kashmir and Kashmiri Origin, 9. Urdu poets and writers of Hyderabad, 10. Urdu poets and writers of Augrangabad, 11. Urdu poets and writers of Maharashtra 12. Urdu poets and writers of Tamil Nadu, 13, Urdu poets and writers of Karnataka 14. Urdu poets and writers of Gujarat, 15. Urdu poets and writers of Uttar Pradesh, 16. Urdu poets and writers of Canada, 17. Urdu poets and writers of Burhanpur, 18. Urdu poets and writers of West Bengal 19. Female Urdu poets and writers, 20. Hindu Naatgo Shuara etc. These directories can be seen on :- 1. www.khojkhabarnews.com 2, www.muslimsaleem.wordpress.com 3. www.urdunewsblog.wordpress.com, 4. www.khojkhabarnews.wordpress.com. 5. www.poetswritersofurdu.blogspot.in 6 www.muslimsaleem.blogspot.in 7. www.saleemwahid.blogspot.in (Life) Muslim Saleem was born in 1950 at Shahabad, Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh in India, brought up in Aligarh, and educated at Aligarh Muslim University. He is the son of the well-known Urdu poet Saleem Wahid Saleem. He has lived in Bhopal, India since 1979. (Education): Muslim Saleem studied right from class 1 to BA honours in AMU schools and University. He completed his primary education from AMU Primary School, Qazi Para Aligarh (Now converted into a girls school of AMU). He passed high school exam from AMU City School, Aligarh and B.A. Hons (Political Science) from Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh. Later, Muslim Saleem did M.A. in Arabic from Allahabad University during his stay in Allahabad. (Career) Muslim Saleem began his career as a journalist in the Urdu-language newspaper Aftab-e-Jadeed, Bhopal. He is multilingual journalist having worked on top posts with Dainik Bhaskar (Hindi), Central Chronicle (English), National Mail (English), News Express (English) and most recently as the chief copy editor of the Hindustan Times in Bhopal. At present, Muslim Saleem is English news advisor to Directorate of Public Relations, Government of Madhya Pradesh. (as on December 1, 2012). (Works and awards) Muslim Saleem has been appointed as Patron of Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society. He is the author of Aamad Aamad, a compilation of his poetry published by Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academi. Several of his couplets are well known in the Urdu language. He won the Yaad-e-Basit Tarhi Mushaira, a poetry competition, in 1982. In 1971, Muslim Saleem was awarded by Ismat Chughtai for his Afsana “Nangi Sadak Par” at AMU Aligarh. His ghazals and short stories have been published in Urdu-language publications Shair, Ahang, Asri, Adab, Agai, Naya Daur, Sada-e-Urdu, Nadeem and other periodicals and magazines. His work in service of the Urdu language was recognized in a special 2011 edition of the periodical Abadi Kiran, devoted to his work. Evenings in his honour have been organised in a number of cities. Muslim Saleem is currently compiling a massive database of poets and writers of the Urdu language, both historic and currently active. (Translation of Muslim Saleem’s work in English): Great scholar Dr. Shehzad Rizvi based in Washington has translated Muslim Saleem’s ghazal in English even though they have never met. Dr. Rizvi saw Muslim Saleem’s ghazals on websites and was so moved that he decided to translate them. (Praise by poets and writers) Great poet and scholar of Urdu and Persian Dr. Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi has also written a number of poetic tributes to Muslim Saleem. Dr. Azmi and Muslim Saleem are yet to meet face to face. Beside this, great short-story writer and critic Mehdi Jafar (Allahabad, Bashir Badr (Bhopal), Jafar Askari (Lucknow), Prof. Noorul Husnain (Aurangabad), Kazim Jaffrey (Lahore) and a host of others have written in-depth articles defining Muslim Saleem’s poetry. (Muslim Saleem on other websites) Muslim Saleem’s life and works have been mentioned on Wikipedia, www.urduadab4u.blogspot.in, www.urduyouthforum.org and several other website. In fact, www.urduyouthforum.org has given credit to Muslim Saleem for lifting a number of pictures and entries from Muslim Saleem’s websites and blogs. (Address): Muslim Saleem, 280 Khanugaon, VIP Road, Bhopal-462001 Mobiles: 0 9009217456 0 9893611323 Email: muslimsaleem@rediffmail.com saleemmuslim@yahoo.com Best couplets: Zindagi ki tarah bikhar jaayen…… kyun ham aise jiyen ki mar jaayen kar di meeras waarison ke sipurd…. zindagi kis ke naam mar jaayen rooh ke karb ka kuchh mudaawa no tha doctor neend ki goiyan likh gaya wo dekhne mein ab bhi tanawar darakht hai haalanke waqt khod chuka hai jaden tamam My Facebook url is http://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/Muslim-Saleem/176636315722664#!/pages/Muslim-Saleem/176636315722664?sk=info Other blogs http://urdupoetswriters.blogspot.com/ http://muslimspoetry.blogspot.com/ http://abdulahadfarhan.blogspot.com/ http://ataullahfaizan.blogspot.com/ http://hamaramp.blogspot.com/ http://madhyanews.blogspot.com/ http://cimirror.blogspot.com/

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23 Responses to Urdu poets and writers of Shahjahanpur by Muslim Saleem

  1. Akmal Shariq says:

    Respected Mr Muslim Saleem. It is heartening to note that you have launched so many web directories of Urdu poets and writers. Kudos to you. I learned from you profile on your esteemed web sites that you are over busy with English, Urdu and Hindi journalism. It is remarkable that even then you spare so much time for the service of Urdu. However, more details should be posted on the directory.
    Well wisher

    ….Akmal Shariq

    • Dear Shariq
      Thanks a lot.
      You will be astonished to know that I have sent letters by post to all the poets and writers of Shahjahanpur asking them to send me details and pictures. But so far no one except one has replied even after one and a half months. This is history in the making. I am doing my best for the promotion of Urdu literature. But it is also the responsibility of poets and writers concerned to send me their resumes. Even then, I will continue with my efforts.

      Muslim Saleem

  2. salim Khan says:

    Dear sir,
    I feel that for the above purpose Mr. Fahim Bismil’s book “fizaa-e-Shahr-e-Dil” and
    (late)Mr. Mubarak Shamim’s book “Sukhanwaran-e-Shahjahanpur” can be helpful.
    I am also trying to serve Urdu and posting exclusively the poetry of Shahjahanpuri poets on my blog. I t may also serve your purpose to some extent as it contains photos of many poets. Blog address is salim598786.wordpress.com Your service for Urdu is praiseworthy

    • Dear Mr. Salim, ASAK
      I will definitely include the names suggested by you. I have seen your website. It is also good. But I did not find any pictures except yours. Kindly email me as many pictures of poets and writers of shahjahanpur you can send. It will be a great service.
      Muslim Saleem

  3. salim Khan says:

    Dear sir,
    In fact the photos of many poets are included in the different posts pertaining to those poets. As desired by you I will send these photos to you through email as early as possible.
    My email address is salim.md.khan@gmail.com

  4. salim Khan says:

    Dear sir

    I was unable to locate your email address on your blogs. Please send your email address so that I can mail the said photos of Shahjahanpuri poets.

  5. Dear Sir,
    I am new in this blog business but I am very happy to see you are doing a great job in service of Urdu in general and my home town Shahjahanpur in particular. I am no shayer or writer but do enjoy urdu and love it. I wish I could be more helpful to you but never the less I intend to follow your post and learn.
    Mohammad Shakil Akhtar (New Zealand)

    From Muslim Saleem

    Dear Shakil Akhtar, ASAk

    Thanks. I have collected a lot more data which I will post in the directory soon Insha Allah. Keep browsing the directories launched by me.

  6. Dear Sir
    I wish if you could find my above blog, launched with the help of my school time friend Salim Khan, and see if enties about Hanif and Sahmim Shahjahanpuri will be worthy of your notice.
    I would also like to commend your valuable efforts in the service of Urdu.
    Mohammad Shakil Akhtar

  7. shahnaz hassan khan says:

    Janab Muslim Saleem sb
    u have done good job to collect great poets of Shahjahanpur on one platform. congrats……..but i think u have to do a lot of work in this direction. as there are numberless poets in Shahjahanpur.
    so. plz adjust them too.
    Bedil Warsi

    • Dear Bedil
      I have a very remote connection with Shahjahanpur. Even then I am maintaining this directory from my own pocket and resources. Whatever information I have I feed the same to the directory. If you have any information or pictures, do send them to my email address

      Thanks for the comment

      Muslim Saleem

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  14. arshad kadri says:

    Dear sir,
    I am new on this blog
    And I am from junagadh
    Can I know the kalam of naseem shahjahanpuri
    Who is also from junagadh…

  15. adab arz hai.mujhe taajub hai ki apne kitna kaam kar dala hai. main bhi shahjahanpur ka bashinda hoon.mere walid urdu jante the meri koshish thi ki main bhi janu vaise bhi kayasth log ya shahjahanpur,lucknow mein rahe log ya jinka bhi kuch doastana ya contact muslim bhaiyon se hota hai unko language thodi aa hi jaati hai han script to ab hindu kya muslim gharon se bhi hat rahi hai bhala ho christian and hindu convents or zamane ki bhed chal ka. maine 54saal ki umra mein script seekhi.nashiston me jane ka pichle 10 saal se mauka raha.naseem saheb, unke bete waseem akhtar saheb aur sare shayron se taaruff ho gaya hai. barai mehrbani shahjahanpur ke kaviyon aur shayron ke liye ek alag se blog site banade jo shayad mushkil nahi hoga .thoda guide kar deian to kuch manual kam iska main kar sakoon.

    shahjahanpur mein mubarak shameem saheb jinke chote bhai qamar rais saheb urdu academy ke vice chairman ne bhi ek kitab gair muslim shrae shahjahanpur shay ki hai. mujhe nahin malum ki aapki blog par jam nassmi marhoom,onkar sahai saksena maikash shahjahanpuri, narmadeshwar prasad shrivastav lallan babu jo nami khyalgo hain,agnivesh shukla jinka deewan raat ka teesra pahar shamil hai ya nahin. khat lamba ho gaya mafi chahta hoon. dubaara shukriya . ek qbaat aur arz karna hai ki shahjahanpur ke tilhar,jalabad pilibhit ke bisalpur ke shayar abhi ek hi culture zameen ke hain unko bhi fehrisht mein shamil kar len.is bawat,akhtar shahjahanpuri,waseem meenai,naseem saheb aur dr mamnoon, fahim bismil vagerah se assani se jankari mil jaigi. aapki sehat shohrat aur barkat ke liye dua ke sath.s.b.jauhari,humdum shahjahanpuri,is waqt main apne bete ke paas mauritius mein hoon nov pahle hafte tak. ghar mein salaam kahiyega

    • Humdum sb. adaab aap ka email mausool hua. Jaan kar khushi hui ke shahjahanpur main aise qabil log bhi maujood hai. Aap roman rasmul khat main apna aur jis kisi ka chahen taarruf irsaal kar sakte hain. Insha Allah shamil karoonga. Shair shair hota hai musalman ya hindu naheen. Aap mukhtsar taaruf sab logon ke bhejen. is directory main shamil karoonga. Itni tafseel say itna pyara khat likhnay ke liye bahut shukriya.

      aap ka apna

      Muslim Saleem