Health and accident group insurance scheme for journalists

Health insurance of Rs. 2 lakh and accident insurance Rs. 5 lakh

Bhopal, July 11, 2015 (Ataullah Faizan): The state government has sanctioned Madhya Pradesh media representatives health and accident group insurance scheme for journalists. Under the scheme, personal health insurance of a media representative will be of Rs. 2 lakh and accident insurance Rs. 5 lakh. Media representatives of 21 to 70 years of age will be eligible for insurance. There would be cashless arrangements of treatment upto Rs. 2 lakh in the hospitals identified by insurance company. For this, journalists will be given a card. Reimbursement will be made on treatment in other hospitals. Media representatives will include journalists, correspondent, photographers and cameramen representing any non-government news agency, television channel, net media, news portal etc. Benefit of the scheme can be availed only by the journalists who are domicile of Madhya Pradesh and working in the state. Insurance will be done through United India Insurance Company. Period of insurance will be one year after which it would have to be done again.

Directorate of Public Relations will provide annual prescribed premium of 75 percent for journalists upto 75 years of age and 85 percent for journalists between 61 and 70 years of age. Remaining premium will be paid by concerning media representative. Directorate of Public Relations will deposit its share only after the concerning media representative deposits his share of 25 percent or 15 percent in the insurance company. Spouse or children can also be included in the scheme by paying additional 10 percent premium. Media representative must also declare nominee. In case of accident, it would be mandatory to inform district office of the insurance company within 7 days.

Journalists accredited by Directorate of Public Relations will be entitled for insurance. For getting covered under the scheme, non-accredited working journalists should produce slip of PF Fund or tax deduction form number 16. Process to become member of the scheme will be undertaken only once a year during prescribed period. There would be no agent in the scheme, which would be conducted directly by insurance office. The insurance will cover all pre-insurance diseases.