Baseline survey of class II and III students to be undertaken


Bhopal, September 2, 2015 (Ataullah Faizan):  Baseline survey of class II and III students of government schools in Madhya Pradesh will be undertaken. In the survey, updated status of students’ learning and basic expertise in maths and English subjects will be ascertained. Following assessment of actual position, points pertaining to problems being faced by students in the training module will be solved. The state government has issued directives regarding baseline survey to all DIET principals and DPCs. The survey will be conducted through D. Ed. student-teachers. In the areas where student-teachers are not available, it would be conducted through Jan-Shikshaks. During previous years, training to teachers of class I and II was started, which would also be held during current academic year. It would reveal what improvement in quality of their teaching has been registered. Under the survey process, schools will be identified first of all.

Selection of one school under every Sankul principal will be made on random basis. Schools where 30 to 50 students of class II and III are studying will be selected. Later, one-day orientation training will be held at Rajya Shiksha Kendra which will be participated by DIET training in-charge persons and APCs of the areas not having DIET training in-charge. They would bring with them nomination list of student-teachers of every Sankul. Selection of D. Ed first/second years student-teachers will be made with the help of these lists. Two schools will be allotted to every group consisting of 2 student-teachers on September 4.

Two-day orientation training regarding baseline tools of identified student-teachers will be held on September 7-8. Student Teachers/Jan-Shikshaks will randomly select 33 percent students for survey in prescribed proforma on September 10-11 and September 14-15. School-wise analysis of forms and submission of reports to principals will be done on September 17-18. Following this, collected analysis reports will be sent through e-mail on September 22. The integrated report will be presented on September 24. This work will be done in Anuppur, Singrauli, Ashok Nagar, Jhabua and Burhanpur districts through APC academics. The government has directed to complete survey and submit its report within prescribed time-limit.