Eminence of Hindi increasing in world

Hindi should be linked to other Indian languages and its digital use increased

Every generation is responsible to enrich language: PM Mr. Modi

modiB11.9Bhopal, September 11, 2015 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):   Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has said that eminence of Hindi as language is increasing in the world. To enrich Hindi, it should be linked to other Indian languages and its digital use increased. Prime Minister Mr. Modi was addressing inaugural session of 10th Vishwa Hindi Sammelan here today. The Prime Minister dedicated a postal stamp on the Sammelan. He also released Vishwa Hindi Sammelan’s souvenir and special issue of magazine “Gagananchal” and “Pravasi Sahitya Johannesburg Se Aage. Prime Minister Mr. Modi said that is it responsibility of every generation to preserve the heritage and pass it on to the next generation. Language is not static or inanimate, but has consciousness like life.

This is experienced through linguistic development and enrichment. Representatives of 39 countries are taking part in the Sammelan. Language has power and makes situation conducive for itself from where it passes through. Hindi should absorb the best in other Indian languages. It should be linked with rich treasure of mother tongues of other states. According to linguists, 90 percent of languages are faced with threat of extinction by the end of 21st century. Take it as a challenge and conserve and promote our language. Our language is a treasure of knowledge and experience. Attachment with language is necessary to promote it.

The Prime Minister said that digital world has permeated deep into our life. We should mould Hindi and other Indian languages to suit technology. India is going to become a major market in changed technological scenario. Language is means of expression. Language should be inclusive and not exclusive. Every India language is invaluable. Power of language can be gauged by the fact that movement for Hindi in India was run by persons whose mother tongue was not Hindi, which is inspirational. Language and script have separate powers.

Had proposal of writing all languages in Nagari script been effective, script would have assumed a role of national unity. Today, importance of Hindi is increasing in different countries. Indian films screened abroad have spread Hindi in the world. He said that through Vishwa Hindi Sammelan, initiative would be taken to further enrich Hindi and definite conclusions will be drawn.