Use of Hindi should be maximized in foreign policy

Experts urge at parallel session

Bhopal, September 11, 2015 (Ataullah Faizan):  During parallel session on “Hindi in Foreign Policy” at Vishwa Hindi Sammelan, experts stressed the need of maximum use of Hindi in Indian foreign policy. The session was chaired by MP Mr. Satyavrat Chaturvedi. Senior journalist Mr. Qurban Ali spoke on “Hindi in Discussions and Debates on Foreign Policy.” Additional Secretary in the UNO Mr. Atul Khare on difficulties while working in Hindi and solution, New York-based Consul General of India Mr. Gyneshwar Mule on role of diplomats in spread of Hindi and Vishwa Hindi Vishwavidyalaya Prof. Girishwar Mishra on shortage of interpreters and translators in foreign languages. Director in External Affairs Ministry Mr. Vipul moderated the session. MP Mr. Satyavrat Chaturvedi said that there is a general perception that Hindi has nothing to do with foreign policy. Hindi has been given status of national language in the Constitution. Maximum work should be done in Hindi.

Mr. Qurban Ali said that use of Hindi has considerably increased in Ministry of External Affairs during last one year. Original writing is also being done in Hindi in the ministry. He stressed the need to increase original writings on Foreign Ministry’s website. Mr. Ali also suggested to provide information about regional languages on this website. He said that the Prime Minister and Minister of External Affairs are speaking in Hindi but ministry’s officers still prefer to speak in English. Often, meanings are distorted in translation. He informed that support of 129 countries is needed to make Hindi language of United Nations. As many as 177 countries supported proposal for World Yoga Day.

This has raised hope for Hindi to become authorized language of UN with support of 129 countries. Mr. Gyaneshwar Mule while speaking on the role of diplomats in spread of Hindi said that we can articulate interests of our country in our own language in a far better way. He said that diplomats should talk with each other in Hindi. He expressed surprises that we still talk in English with each other. Condition of Hindi will not improve unless our leaders, High Commissioners, Ambassadors and other higher officers talk in Hindi. He suggested for a Hindi campaign in Foreign Service and chalk out Global Hindi Policy.

Mr. Girishwar Mishra said that India is a sovereign republic. When we talk about foreign countries we mean Pakistan, Bangladesh, Shri Lanka and other countries where large number of Indians live. He said that only super powers are not taking all decisions, but small countries are also cooperating with each other. In such a condition, we should express our views in Hindi on greater scale.