Book sell only when qualitative and factual

Writers of “Girmitia” countries should get facilities from India

Scholars at session “Publication problems in country and abroad and solutions”

Bhopal, September 12, 2015 (Ataullah Faizan):  It is not correct that books are not being sold. People read books when they are fact-based and qualitative. Writing and publications should be upto mark. Special efforts should be made to ensure that people’s interest is increased in Hindi books of “Girmitia” countries and they are given facilities. Speakers put forth these views at session “Publication Problems in Country and Abroad and Solutions” during 10th Vishwa Hindi Sammelan here today. Chairing the session, Chairman of National Book Trust Mr. Baldev Bhai Sharma said that India is third largest publisher country where one lakh titles are published every year. He said that this trend needs to be increased further. It is wrong to say that readability of books in Hindi and other Indian languages is diminishing. On the issue of facilities for NRI Hindi writers in India, Mr. Raj Narayan Gati from Mauritius said that major challenges are faced by writers of “Girmitia” countries regarding publication and sale of their books.

He informed that at present, writers in these countries are themselves publishers and sellers of their books. Chairman of Indian Publishers Federation Mr. Ashok Gupta said that India should establish it libraries in other countries like Britain and America have established their’s in India so that Hindi books are available to people there. He said that NRIs should demand Hindi books in foreign countries so that book sellers store Hindi books.

Story writers from Jharkhand Dr. Rita Shukla stressed the need to hold workshops on Hindi in villages. She said that discussions were held at Chaupals in villages in olden times. We should make efforts to revive this tradition. She laid emphasis on efforts to create interest among children to read and write in Hindi from beginning.