Need to alley misconceptions about Hindi

Second day of parallel session on “Hindi in foreign policy”

Bhopal, September 12, 2015 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):   Under General Secretary of United Nations Mr. Atul Khare and MP Mr. Satyavrat Chaturvedi spoke at sessions on “Hindi in Foreign Policy” on second day of 10th Vishwa Hindi Sammelan here today. Mr. Atul Khare said that this is a misconception that Hindi is an undeveloped language not capable of articulating views on issues pertaining to diplomacy. This misconception needs to be alleyed. He said that social hesitation is also a major hurdle in speaking and writing Hindi. People feel that they would commit mistakes while speaking in Hindi. Let us make a beginning, mistakes will be corrected gradually. He said that maximum number of Hindi books should be supplied to foreign countries through embassies. MP Mr. Chaturvedi said that people should try to learn maximum number of languages, which would widen their horizon horizon. However, special preference should be given to mother tongue Hindi.

The number of people able to write, read and understand Hindi in India is 70 percent while only 2 percent people know English. It is unfortunate that we could not learn to work in Hindi even 52 years after implementation of Rajbhasha Act in 1963.  Mr. Chaturvedi revealed that in Government of India’s institutions are working more in Hindi in South India, sincerity lacks in North India. Foundation of Ministry of External Affairs has been laid on English. The situation is now tha same.

Use of Hindi is being made on greater scale now, but English mentality still dominates. Sentiments of masses should be adequately articulated in Indian foreign policy. He said that passport manual is still in English and entries in it are made only in English. Major hurdle in making Hindi authorized language of UN was financial expenditure which India is capable to bear now. Second hurdle is condition of 2/3rd member countries’ support for which efforts should be made through embassies.