Bal Sahitya Akademi should be constituted in country

Recommendations of parallel session on “Bal Sahitya in Hindi”

Bhopal, September 13, 2015 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):  In the report of parallel session on “Children’s Literature in Hindi” on the concluding day of 10th Vishwa Hindi Sammelan at Alexei Petrovich Hall here today, it was recommended with consensus that a “Bal Sahitya Akademi” should be constituted. Proposed Akademi would play role in creation of children’s literature in accordance with pschye, knowledge and age of children,. The Akademi should coordinate with writers of children’s literature for creation of children’s literature. The session was chaired by former editor of “Chanda Mama” Mr. Bal Shauri Reddy and moderated by Mrs. Usha Puri. It was recommended that every possible space should be given to references of great persons of country and abroad, freedom fighters, legendry characters, Indian culture and human values in children’s literature. Writers of children’s literature were also desired to write more to cast good impressions in children.

It was also desired to seek cooperation of writers of children’s literataure for giving space to children’s literature in syllabus. It was also recommended to start graduation and post-graduation courses in children’s literature. It was said that modern child becomes addicted to audio-visual mediums leaving books aside after passing class IV. Arrangements for government aid to writers of children’s literatures should be made to create literature as per children’s interests and expectations. The session recommended that economic assistance should be given to writers of children’s literature to publish their books and they should be suitably felicitated.

It was also desired that prominent place should be given to folktales, traditions and folk cultures in children’s literature. In future, children should also be invited to such important events along with writers of children’s literature and scholars. Events like Bal Sabha should be held in school once a week to create interest among children for reading children’s literature written originally in Hindi.

Recommendations were also made for constituting a Bal Sahitya Board like body for standardization of children’s literature and classifying audio visual mediums as per interest, need and ability of children. Another recommendation sought to give space to rewritten translations of standard children’s literature of other languages published in children’s magazines. The near-extinct folktales and arts should be revived through children’s literature.