Why pride for English and shame for Hindi?

Third day of “Purity of language in Hindi journalism and media”

Bhopal, September 13, 2015 (Ataullah Faizan):  Report of discussions on “Hindi Patrakarita Aur Sanchar Madhyamon Main Bhasha Ki Shuddhata” held yesterday was presented by senior journalist Mr. Rajendra Sharma on the third day of 10th Vishwa Hindi Sammelan here today. Senior journalist and writer Mrs. Mrinal Pandey chaired the session. Senior journalist Mr. Rahul Dev and Mr. Narendra Kohli also gave suggestions. Mrs. Pandey said that there should not be too much obsession for purity. It is possible in literature, but not in journalism. She said that this Sammelan will become carrier of harmony and views. Mr. Kohli said that when the then rulers made Persian and English official language then why can Hindi not be made official language. Mr. Rahul Dev said that why pride for English and shame for Hindi? He said that Hindi should be used in government ads and publicity materials and not in Roman script. Ad-givers and ad agencies should be suggested this. He said that style policy of every newspaper should be prepared. Language Commission should be constituted.

The representatives gave suggestions and recommendations on the report. They said that errors of verbs and nouns should be removed. Hindi should be language of science, management, medicine and technology. Notice boards should be written in Hindi. Sikh and Muslim youths have started studying Hindi. Therefore, Hindi newspapers should include words of their languages. Language Rights Act should be formulated. Unnecessary use of English words should be checked. Attention should be paid to purity of grammar.