Poly and shadenet houses under Bhopal-Indore corridor scheme

Farmers can avail benefit for construction

Bhopal, September 20, 2015 (Ataullah Faizan):   District-wise review was undertaken for implementation of Bhopal-Indore Corridor Scheme with officers of Bhopal, Sehore, Dewas, Shajapur. Ujjain and Indore districts recently. The meeting was informed that due to limited area in Bhopal district, farmers of the district can avail less benefit of the scheme. Farmers of Sehore district were also taking less interest in the scheme since farmers on both sides of the 9 km long road there could avail benefit in only 2 kilometre area. Now farmers in 10 km radius of both sides of the 10 km long road on Sehore road (from Bhadbhada to Sehore) can also avail benefit of the scheme along with those situated on 9 km long stretch.

Since Ratibarh and nearby areas have already been identified for clusters of polyhouses by Horticulture Department, it is proposed to develop polyhouses in 50 hectares in these areas. Coverage of new areas will facilitate implementation of the scheme. In this way, in the interest of farmers in the areas of 2 km radius, its radius has been increased to 10 kms. The meeting also decided payment of subsidy will be made in 2 installments instead of one. First installment will be given on completion of 50 percent work and second on completion of 100 percent work.

Earlier, villages from Sehore to Bhainskheri including Khajuri Sadak, Bhauri, Bakaniya, Phanda etc. were covered under the scheme. With increase in radius, villages from Bhadbhada to Sehore including Neelbad, Ratibarh, Jhagariya Khurd, Amla, Badjhiri, Sarwar, Fatehpura Dobra, Bhanpur, Kekadiya, Samasgarh, Barkhera Nathu, Mugaliya Chhap and area in 10 km radius from them can also take benefit of the scheme.