Several important decisions in favour of Adhyapaks during last 10 years

Appointed with merger in Adhyapak Cadre

Given benefit of amended pay scale and Kramonnati with grade pay

Installments of interim relief being given since year 2013

Bhopal, September 23, 2015 (Ataullah Faizan):   Madhya Pradesh government has taken several important decisions in favour of Adhyapaks during last 10 years. These include merger of contractual school teachers and Adhyapk Cadre, appointment, benefit of amended pay scale and Kramonnati, installments of interim relief and regular pay scale from September 1, 2017. From time to time, the state government has made every possible effort to fulfill demands of Adhyapak cadre and initiated concrete measures for their welfare. Factual position is that in year 2001, contractual shikshakarmis grade-I, II and III were given Rs. 4500, Rs. 3500 and Rs. 2500 per month, respectively. After merger into Adhyapak cadre, Senior Adhyapaks are getting Rs. 25000 per month, Adhyapaks Rs. 23,000 and Sahayak Adhyapaks Rs. 15,000 per month. Till year 2007, pay scale of shikshakarmi grade-I was Rs. 1200-40-1600, Grade-II Rs. 1000-30-1600 and Grade-III Rs. 800-20-1200 along with dearness allowance from time to time. Till year 2007, contractual school teachers were appointed on fixed pay. Grade-1, II and III were given Rs. 4500, Rs. 3500 and Rs. 2500 per month, respectively. In year 2011, their honorarium was doubled to Rs. 9000, Rs. 7000 and Rs. 5000, respectively.

Taking a decision in favour of teachers, the state government created Adhyapak Cadre with separate pay scales and designations on April 1, 2007. Since April 1, 2013, the government sanctioned grade pay with amended pay scale to Adhyapak cadre. Earlier, pay scale of Senior Adhyapak was Rs. 5000-175-8500, Adhyapak Rs. 4000-125-6500 and Sahayak Adhyapak Rs. 3000-100-5000, which was increased to Rs. 4500-25000 with cadre pay of Rs. 1900, Rs. 1650 and Rs. 1250, respectively. Since then, Adhyapaks are being given dearness allowance as well like government servants. All shikshakarmis appointed from year 1998 to 2001 were also merged. Besides, a provision was also made to appoint in Adhyapak Cadre, the contractual school teachers after 3 years.

Kramonnati has also been given on completion of 12 and 24 years of service in year 2013-14 to Adhyapak cadre. Through consensus arrived after discussions with representatives of Adhyapak Sangh in year 2013, the state government had decided to give regular pay scale to Adhyapak cadre from September 1, 2017. Besides, annual interim relief will also be given every year from year 2013 to 2016. In this regard, orders were issued and interim relief given. Vide order dated September 4, 2013, Adhyapak cadre was sanctioned sixth pay scale on par with regular teachers from September 1, 2014. For this, 4 equal installments of interim relief were sanctioned for every year