Encroachments to be removed from Chhola Road

No hoardings will be near Bittan market

Incharge Minister takes stock of Dussehra preparations

Bhopal, October 5, 2011 (Ataullah Faizan):  Preparations for burning Ravan in capital’s Dussehra grounds have entered final stage. In this connection, Incharge Minister of the district and Water Resources Minister Mr. Jayant Malaiya visited Dussehra grounds at Bittan Market, T.T. Nagar, M.V.M. College and Chhola. He instructed officers to ensure proper arrangements of drinking water, light, fire-fighting and ambulance. When the minister visited Bittan Market, Mr. Malaiya observed that the ground area was not very much spacious for such an occasion. He instructed to remove advertisements and hoardings around the Dussehra ground so that people can view the festivities from the buildings around the ground. Similarly, he instructed to divert traffic from main roads adjoining both sides of the ground on Dussehra day.

Mr. Malaiya was also not satisfied with parking arrangements around the ground. Therefore, he instructed to make parking arrangements 500 metres away from all sides of the ground. Mr. Malaiya was struck by surprise by seeing encroachments in and around Chhola Dussehra ground. He instructed to immediately remove the encroachments, flush out water accumulated in one part of the ground from drains in nearby areas and remove filth before the festive occasion. He instructed to level the ground and fill the pits with sand.

He made it clear that no parking places or encroachments will be allowed at these public places. He instructed to construct a high wall around Chhola Dussehra ground and construct large gates for entry and exit. Mr. Malaiya instructed to develop Chhola ground in such a way that people can visit it for morning walk. He also instructed for posting a watchman there.

Incharge Minister Mr. Malaiya underlined the need for removing encroachments and parking places near the boundary walls of T.T. Nagar Dussehra ground on the day of Ravan Dahan. He also instructed to ensure proper lighting arrangements from Khatlapura temple to M.V.M ground on Dussehra day with a view to facilitating procession.