Madhya Pradesh to be an industrial hub

Industrialists praise state whole-heartedly

State’s progress and development my obsession and passion: CM

Bhopal, February 8, 2012 (Muslim Saleem):  Industrialists say that Madhya Pradesh will become industrial hub. Here, policies are industry-friendly and officers are cooperative. The facilities made available during the last 7-8 years have expanded the state’s industrial scenario so much that it was not done even in the period of 25 years before it. The industrialists lavished this praise on the state whole-heartedly at a meeting of Industry Advisory Council after its reconstitution. Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan said that state’s progress and development is his recalcitration, obsession and passion which will be fulfilled. Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan gave an open invitation to all for industrial development in the state. He said that no one is from east, west, north or south in Madhya Pradesh. He appealed to the industrialists to ensure success of Global Investors’ Meet to be held at Indore in October. The Chief Minister told the industrialists that they were very important for the state. It is not only because of their being investors, but also because they are the state’s brand ambassadors and partners in the state’s development.

The Chief Minister said that our policies are flexible and viewpoint open. The state’s industrial policy will be changed by incorporating industrial requirements and important suggestions put forth at the meeting. The policy will also incorporate whatever will be the best in any other state of the country. He said that complexities of single-window system will be removed as suggested at the meeting. Utmost honour will be accorded to Hindi. Besides, government notifications will also be published in English by agreeing to the suggestions. He said that no doubt the state will become hub of industries and automotives, but we will also not leave promotion of textile industries behind. He said that 4-5 major cities of the state will have international-level facilities.

Mr. Chouhan said that till some years ago, Madhya Pradesh lagged behind in growth rate historically. Today, its growth rate has mounted to 10 percent. We are giving attention to the state’s infrastructure development. State Highways have been improved. We are not authorised to improve National Highways. The Union Government has been urged time and again to improve them.

Letters have also been written to the Union Government to denotify work of National Highways and hand over the same to Madhya Pradesh. He said that all the villages of the state will be linked with all-weather roads by the end of next year. Power will be made available 24 hours to villages and cities after one year. Madhya Pradesh will emerge as the top state in respect of wheat production in the country within a couple of years.