Journalism should highlight sentiments of society: Mr. Advani

Join efforts to steer society and nation out of period of disappointment: CM

Bhopal, April 10, 2012 (Muslim Saleem):  Former Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Lalkrishna Advani has said that the real journalism is that which not only understands difficulties and sentiments of people, but also highlights them. Decline in journalistic values is not in the interest of the country. The maladies that have crept into journalism should be removed. Mr. Advani was addressing a national symposium of the journalism in memory of journalist the late Mr. Rajendra Mathur after inauguration of Golden Jubilee function of Indore Press Club Today. Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Member of Parliament Mr. Prabhat Jha and several other distinguished personalities were present on the occasion. He said that the trend of sensational news is increasing these days. It is not ideal of journalism since it is devoid of social sensitivities. Expressing surprise over malady of paid news in the sphere of journalism, Mr. Advani said that is a matter of concern and journalism should get rid of it. He said that journalists should determine their values and ideal themselves.

He underlined the need for finding new horizons in journalism.  Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that decline in values is being witnessed in every sphere of life these days due to competition including journalism and politics. But everything is not lost an all the spheres. There are such determined and dedicated people in every field who will not let everything to be finished. He exhorted journalists to steer the nation and society out of a state of disappointment and take them toward light of hope.

Mr. Chouhan said that Mr. Mathur was a thinker, writer, analyst, principal and intellectual who gave a new direction to Hindi journalism. Member of Parliament Mr. Prabhat Jha said that ambit of journalism is very wide. He said that truth should not be suppressed in journalism, which should be courageous and impartial. At the outset, convener of Golden Jubilee function Mr. Hridesh Dixit delivered the welcome address. Indore Press Club president Mr. Praveen Khariwal threw light on the club’s activities.