Now, they sell fish instead of blankets

Success story

fish5.7.12Bhopal, July 5, 2012 (Ataullah Faizan):  Hereditarily, they are fishermen deft in breeding and catching fish. They are in this profession for several generations since it is their main source of livelihood. But in the changing times, methods of fishing also changed. They also wanted to adopt changes but could not do so due to lack of resources. They also suffered losses due to small size of fish. Resigned to fate, most of them relinquished fishing and started selling blankets to eke out a living. They went far and wide, bought blankets and then embarked on long journeys to sell them to earn profit. This profession made them nomads. But even selling blankets was not much profitable. They were managing both ends meet anyhow. When they returned from journey, they used to catch small quality of fish also sell them.  Year 2011 brought a new surge of happiness for them under such circumstances. Madhya Pradesh Water Restructuring Project provided them 1.25 lakh fingerlings of large size fish.

This resulted in yield of large fish. They were also provided nine boats and nets weighing 125 kilogramme for catching fish. High-level training was imparted to 14 fishermen to catch fish. After these measures, their water body produced 15 metric tonnes of fish. They earned Rs. seven lakh from the sale of large-size fish. They saved so much money that their cooperative society bought a vehicle to take fish to market speedily. There is 12 tonne more fish in their reservoir. They will get more income by selling it when ban on fishing is lifted after monsoon season. This success story is of village Gopalpur in Mandsaur district.

Vijay Fisheries Cooperative Society of the village has 29 members, of which 14 are women. Society president Mr. Surendra Kumar Mall informed that they have earned more profit due to increase in resources. Happiness has returned to our houses. We have got rid of the drudgery of selling blankets. We are fishermen and now selling fish once again, which is our hereditary profession. No happiness can surpass this joy.