Police must do patrolling and keep constant vigil on criminals

Minister Mr. Gaur at meeting

guar24.10.15Bhopal, October 24, 2015 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):  Home and Jail Minister Mr. Babulal Gaur has directed police for regular patrolling and keeping constant watch over criminals. Mr. Gaur chaired a meeting of police officers regarding incident with a girl in BHEL area on Thursday, here today. Mr. Gaur said that police patrolling should be visible in cities. It is necessary for curbing crimes that police personnel do not remain confined in police stations, but maintain continuous patrolling. He said that senior officers should also do patrolling so that field staff remains alert. Mr. Gaur directed to nab accused of abduction attempt at the earliest. He directed to arrest the accused who beat up residents of Krishna Complex.