Existing model of development cause of climatic imbalance

Special session of symposium on “Global warming and climate change – towards solution”

global22.11.15Bhopal, November 22, 2015 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):  Eminent environmentalist Dr. Vandana Shiva has said that food grains production equal to double production of India can be taken by conserving bio-diversity and adopting organic farming. Dr. Shiva was addressing a special session of 2-day national symposium on ‘Global Warming and Climate Change – Towards Solution’ here today. She said that balance between 5 basic elements must be maintained for environmental balance. Climatic imbalance has been caused due to lack of this understanding. Dr. Shiva said that existing model of development is the root cause of environmental imbalance.

The Earth is being run by 5 elements and problems will crop up in future due to lack of them. Dr. Vandana Shiva said that plantation can help check pollution and conserve environment to large extent. Future can be saved through far-reaching results of this. She said that it is writing in ‘Shanti Path’ that there should be peace everywhere including water, land, space, forest trees, medicinal plants, vegetables and universe. Former Chairman of Kerala’s Bio-Diversity Board Mr. V.S. Vijayan said that Madhya Pradesh show the world methods of organic farming. He said that GDP-based development policy is root cause of global warming.

Mr. Vijayan said that what is being dubbed as Green Revolution is actually Chemical Revolution. In her unique style and dialect, farmer Mrs. Kamla Bai appealed to farmers to use indigenous seeds, fertilizers and organic farming. Organizing Committee’s President Mr. Anil Madhav Dave, Vidhan Sabha Speaker Dr. Sitasaran Sharma, Minister of State for Urban Development and Environment Mr. Lal Singh Arya, former Minister Mrs. Archana Chitnis and learned listeners were present on the occasion.