Debates in parliaments and Vidhan Sabha biggest strength of democracy

Holding elections repeatedly gives rise to corruption

CM at discussion “Major challenges before Indian democracy” in New Delhi

lead11.12.15Bhopal, December 11, 2015 (Muslim Saleem):  All elections should be held once in 5 years be them of Vidhan Sabha, Lok Sabha, Panchayats and urban bodies in which people elected their representatives. It is a major challenge for democracy. Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan expressed these views on ‘Major Challenges before Indian Democracy’ in New Delhi today. Mr. Chouhan said that India is the best and most grand democracy in the world with Parliamentary system. This system has been described as the best for a vast country like India. Mr. Chouhan said that it was being felt for last some decades that there is need to review the system so that its discrepancies can be removed. Mr. Chouhan said that biggest challenge is corruption which is eating the foundations of democracy. To prevent corruption, Mr. Chouhan suggested that all types of elections should be held simultaneously.

He urged for state funding for contesting elections. This fund should be provided by Election Commission to all political parties. Describing debates on various issues in Parliament and Vidhan Sabhas as strength of democracy, Mr. Chouhan said that both ruling and opposition parties should follow healthy traditions. The system should not be based on only victory of Yes and defeat of No. Solution to most complicated problems can be found though debate and dialogue. He said that opposition has an important role to play in maintaining healthy democratic norms which strengthens democracy if the role is in the form of review or monitoring.

But if role of opposition is negative, then progress of development halts and challenges crop up. Mr. Chouhan described bad governance, extremism and terrorism as worst challenges for democracy. For this, he called for removing illiteracy and lack of awareness among people. Mr. Chouhan said that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has strengthened democracy by adopting policy of development with consent of all. Prime Minister is on the way to develop Indian through spirit of Team India. Mr. Chouhan said that safeguarding independence of judiciary is most important for democracy.

The Chief Minister stressed the need to pay attention of autocracy. Referring to state government’s decisions to strengthen democracy in the context of Madhya Pradesh, the Chief Minister informed that systems like Public Services Delivery Guarantee Act, Special Courts Act, e-tendering and e-transactions have been implemented in the state. Only transparent government is accountable to people. Mr. Chouhan informed that people’s panchayats have been held in the state to formulate policies, so that good suggestions can be made by people and policies become practical.

Mr. Chouhan informed that fair pay scales to panchayat workers and fiscal and administrative powers have been delegated to empower Panchayats in the state. Besides, women have also been given 50 percent reservation due to which women’s leadership has been strengthened in urban bodies and panchayats. Similarly, women have also been empowered in the state by giving them 33 percent reservation in government services.