Irregularities in food grains distribution will be stopped completely

Food Minister Kunwar Shah at training to fair price shop salesmen

kunwar19.12.15Bhopal, December 19, 2015 (Ataullah Faizan):   Food and Civil Supplies Minister Kunwar Vijay Shah has said that now food grains and other materials will be provided through public distribution system at fair price shops by thump impression on Point of Sale Machines. This system will put a complete stop to irregularities in public distribution system. Minister Kunwar Shah was addressing training programme of fair price shop salesmen of Punasa development block at Khandwa today. Kunwar Shah said that for the first time in the country, Madhya Pradesh government has introduced system to provide pucca receipt to consumers at fair price shops. The state government has decided to open a fair price shop at every panchayat. Food grains, kerosene and other materials will be distributed to consumers through thumb impression machines by January 26.

The Minister said that poor consumers will also have facility to lift their quota in 2-3 installments if they are unable to lift it once in a month. He said that thumb impression machines are being made available to all 452 fair price shops in Khandwa district.  The Food Minister said that to stop irregularities in distribution of kerosene, a system is being introduced on the lines of LPG connection to deposit subsidy on kerosene directly in bank accounts of beneficiaries. He informed that this system will be introduced in the first phase in 4 districts of the state including Khandwa, Burhanpur, Khargone and Harda.

Kunwar Shah informed that machines made available to 47 fair price shops at Khandwa city have been linked with Aadhar Card. Families will get food grains through impression of thumb shown in Aadhar Card. He informed that the machine has also facility of voice recording which will confirm as to which consumers wants how much quantity of which material. It would be recorded online. Kunwar Shah said that in near future, model shops costing Rs. 25 lakh each will be constructed for fair price shops. The premises will have residence of salesman, store room and shop.