Mrs. Mahajan inaugurates 76th convention of Indian road congress at Indore

Roads very important for progress: Union Minister Mr. Gadkari

Better roads basis of development: CM Mr. Chouhan

lead20.12.15Bhopal, December 20, 2015 (Muslim Saleem):  Lok Sabha Speaker Mrs. Sumitra Mahajan inaugurated 76th convention of civil engineers’ organization Indian Road Congress at Indore today. The function was presided over by Union Surface Transport Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari, while Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan was the special guest. Discussions will be held by experts on important issues like construction, maintenance, preservation of roads and bridges and road safety etc. Mrs. Sumitra Mahajan said that development is being witnessed at a rapid pace in urban as well as rural areas. Special attention needs to be paid to designs of main roads, bridges and culverts in rural areas. There should be no hesitation in rejecting designs if they become cause of accidents and have technical shortcomings. Strong will power, accountability and transparency should be observed while chalking out development schemes. Schemes should be chalked out and implemented with foresight.

Mr. Nitin Gadkari said that role of roads and civil engineers are very vital in development of a country. He said that technical faults in construction of roads and bridges cause accidents. Lakhs of people are killed in road accidents in the country. He urged engineers to identify measures to remove technical faults causing accidents. Mr. Gadkari stressed the need to work with will power to decrease cost of roads and improve their quality. He said that habit should be developed to sanction and complete works within time-limit. Work should be undertaken with team spirit through quick decisions, positive view point, transparency and will power. Those who perform well should be rewarded and wrongdoers should be punished.

He also stressed the need to give away awards of Best Farmer and Best Engineer at National Level. Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that better roads are foundation of prosperity and development. A network of roads has been laid in Madhya Pradesh. State’s development has gained a new momentum due to construction of good roads. Business and industries have been boosted in the state due to construction of roads. Now, farmers can easily transport their produce to Mandis. State’s agriculture growth rate has increased remarkably. The state government wishes that water of Narmada should also be flowed in Kali Sindh and Betwa rivers after completion of Narmada-Kshipra Link Project. Network of roads is being laid under PPP mode.

National highways and state highways are being expanded rapidly with maximum assistance from Central government. Remarkable work has also been done in construction of bridges and culverts in the state. The Central Government has assured that necessary budget would be given soon for all proposed flyovers and bridges on national highways. He said that along with road construction, we should also pay attention to road safety, environmental improvement and quality of roads. Revolutionary changes are being witnessed in road construction due to e-tendering, e-measurement and e-payment. Role of civil engineers, road technology experts and scientists has been important in this new reformatory system.