Simhastha area to have concrete arrangements to prevent fire and electricity accidents

Firefighting equipment to be available in big tents

Bhopal, January 3, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Concrete arrangements to prevent fire and electricity accidents will be made in Mela area during Simhastha-2016. For this, training will be imparted to allottees of plots and electricity arrangement employees. Training will be imparted on 30 rules of disaster management. In Mela area, businessmen, institutions and seers cannot build buildings, kiosks, shanties or other structures with highly inflammable goods, dried grass etc. Electrification of canopies and stalls will be done through only an efficient licence holder engineer. Every lane’s load insulation test will be done as per prescribed norms. Only high quality vulcanized electric wiring will be used. All joints will be covered with porcelain insulator connectors. Petromax will not be allowed to be hanged by tent or canopy’s ceiling.

Open fire will also not be allowed inside tents and canopies. Services of adequate number of employees will be availed to inspect these situations. Duty of electricity employees will be ensured 24×7 at electricity maintenance centres in Mela area. Large tents and domes in Mela are will be erected in such a way that minimum 8 feet wide path is available between them for movement of fire brigade. Tents will have preliminary fire fighting arrangements. A big tent will have fire tenders and 2 drums with 200 liter water each.

Tents will be made of resistant cloth or cloth treated with anti-fire solution. Use of electric heaters and kilns will be banned in tents. It would also be ensured under disaster management that distance between tents of Sadhus-Sants and their kitchen is minimum 30 metres. In view of security arrangements, inflammable things like petrol, diesel, kerosene and spirit cannot be stored without permission of competent authority. For this, separate stores will be made minimum 50 metres away from camps. Numbers of fire and police stations will be displayed at prominent place in entire Mela area.