Now, acid to be sold online

Application to be submitted on MP online

Bhopal district selected for pilot project

Bhopal, January 9, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):   The state government has decided that licences to store and sell acid will be given only online by district magistrates and permits for purchase by SDMs. User passwords are being given to DMs and SDMs for issuance of online permits and licences for sale and purchase of acid. The state government has directed that information about concerning tahasils’ SDMs should be provided in prescribed proforma immediately to MP Online against which they would be assigned user ID and password. For this, District Magistrates have been asked to send demand letter to e-mail address All sanctions under Online Acid Sale Rule Licensing System will be given through and with digital signature. It has been successfully implemented as a pilot project in Bhopal district. Against 22 online applications received in Bhopal district, 17 licences have been given.

Similarly, 10 permits have been issued online on SDM level. At present, authorized acid dealers sell hydrochloric acid (HCL) of 22 to 42 percent intensity for cleaning of houses. Under the new system, application will have to be submitted by purchaser of acid of more than 5 percent intensity.  Principal Secretary Public Health and Family Welfare Mrs. Gauri Singh has sent a letter to all DMs to ensure that no acid possession or sale licence is issued offline manually after January 11, 2016. Concerning SDMs should also issue online permits only.

DMs have also been desired to take personal interest in implementing the new system so that report about acid sale regulation can be put up before the Supreme Court during next hearing. It is noteworthy that in orders given by Supreme Court on writ petition (criminal) no. 129/06 Laxmi Devi v/s Federation of India and writ petition (civil) no. 867/2013 Parivartan Kendra v/s Federation of India & Others are being implemented. Madhya Pradesh Poison (Possession and Sale) Rules 2014 are being implemented since October 31, 2014 under which licenses of storage and permits for purchase of acid are issued.