Unique geographical situation of Ujjain

No other place in world except Ujjayani situated just beneath sun

Bhopal, January 9, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):   Mahakal, which is among 12 Jytorlingas in India, is worshipped due to being master and centre of calculation of time in the country since ancient period. Heartland of India Ujjayani has a unique topography. According to astrologers, Ujjain city is situated in the middle of Sky and Earth. Mahakal is regarded as Deity of Time since he is the master of time. Natural, scientific, religious, spiritual and cultural importance of Ujjain assumes added significance due to its being centre point for calculation of time. It is also known as Greenwich due to importance of time calculation.  This ancient Greenwhich of India is situated on the map on 23.9 latitude and 74.75 longitude in Northern hemisphere. It is 1658 feet high from sea level. This is reason it has been a significant centre of astrology since ancient times. Planetarium constructed by Raja Jai Singh is explicit proof of this. Ancient scholars have said that Ujjain is situated on zero longitude.

Line of Capricorn also passes through it. In this way, line of Capricorn and Line of Cancer cross each other at Ujjain. Due to these unique topography, Ujjain is important for calculation of time, creation of calendars as well as devotion. According to ancient Indian belief, day spanning 6 months starts from March 21 at North Pole of the Earth. When 3 of these 6 months pass, Sun moves far away from horizon. At that time it is exactly over Ujjain. Ujjain’s numericals and Sun’s change are both 24 latitude. Therefore, position of just beneath Sun is nowhere else in the world except Ujjayani.

In Varha Purana Ujjain city has been described as navel of the body (Manipur Chakra) and Mahakaleshwar its Master. In this way, the city of Mahakal is navel of the world. Like embryo connected with mother’s navel receives elements of life for its nourishment, in the same way time, astrology, religion and spiritualism also get nourishment from it. Ujjayani has been most ancient seat of learning in the country. Work to preserve Indian cultural values, promotion and maintenance has been done here. Ancient scriptures have mentioned importance of Ujjain during Sat Yug, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yug and Kal Yug.

Exact time’s calculation and knowledge has been gained from Ujjain city. Secret of establishment of Mahakal in this city lies in that it is central point of time calculation. Ujjayani has also been described as emergence point of Mars. Proof of being central point for time calculation are historic Nav Grah Mandir and planetary here. Various untouched aspects of universe can come to fore if research, experiments and surveys are conducted continuously at Ujjayani.