Emergency arrangements if power goes off during Simhastha

Supply from auto chain to resume in 3 seconds

Bhopal, January 10, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Power distribution company has made foolproof arrangements for power supply during Simhastha to be held at Ujjain in April-May this year. Power supply will be resumed from other sources if it goes off due to any reason. The company has made arrangements that charge will be done within 3 minutes if power supply goes off from 33 KV high tension sub-station. If power supply is not resumed, then line of failed sub-station will be connected with another 33 KV feeder within 2 minutes. If power transformer of 33 KV sub station develops snag, supply of power in lines attached to it will be resumed with change over with another 11 KV sub-station.

The company has made arrangements to resume power supply within 3 minutes if supply 11 KV supply goes off from 33 KV sub-station. Four distribution transformers laden on trolleys and connected with cable cut-outs will be kept ready in all 6 zones for alternative arrangements in case of power failure. Through this system, power will be resumed within 10 minutes. The company will place auto start generators at 50 places. If snag is developed in power in any 33 KV high tension, 11 KV line sub-station or distribution transformer then power will be resumed within 3 seconds from generators and auto chain.