Make access to farmers and ensure rise in agriculture production

Mr. Bisen at first national convention of agriculture graduates’ association

Bhopal, January 11, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Development Minister Mr. Gaurishankar Bisen has urged agriculture officers to contribute in increasing agriculture production. He said the efforts should be made now to ensure that target of food grains estimated production for year 2025 is met. Mr. Bisen was addressing first national convention of Agriculture Graduates’ Association here today. Mr. Bisen said that agriculture is axis of our country’s growth. He said that for this we should provide new techniques along with alternative sources of income to farmers so that no calamity casts adverse impact on them. He said that global warming is one of major challenges on which entire world is concerned. On Chief Minister’s initiative, an important seminar has also been held on this issue. He stressed the need to evolve a farming method conforming to changing climate so that farmers do not suffer. He exhorted to increase access to farmers.

He said that contact and dialogue with farmers should be continuous so that they can move ahead in right direction.  Mr. Bisen referred to positive efforts made by the state government with regard to natural calamity suffered by farmers during year 2015. He said that 268 out of 368 tahasils were affected by natural calamity. The state government gave relief of Rs. 8000 crore to farmers including insurance claims. For this first time, a special session of Vidhan Sabha was held to discuss farmers’ issues exclusively. Provision of Rs. 6000 crore was made to provide temporary power connections.

Process has been started to set up permanent soil testing labs in all development blocks. Food processing unit has been opened at Jawaharlal Nehru Agriculture University. Besides, the government has waived VAT on agricultural implements. Mr. Bisen informed that a Rs. 1100 crore project has been chalked out to make infertile and fallow land arable. Ultramodern Mandi is being established at every district headquarters to promote organic farm production and ensure proper price to farmers against their produce. For the first time in Madhya Pradesh, Chief Minister has constituted Agriculture Cabinet for swift decisions on farmers’ matters.

The Minister informed that Agriculture Colleges are also being opened at Ganj Bosoda, Balaghat and Puarkheda to make agriculture profitable and ensure that Agriculture Department is strengthened and gets skilled manpower. Diploma course has also been started. Priority is being given to agriculture graduates in allotment of custom hiring centres. He said that we have solutions to a number of challenges before us. He urged agriculture officers to become active partner in making state green and farmers prosperous.