First call centre starts functioning at Ujjain

Information about Simhastha can be obtained by dialing 1100 during office hours

Bhopal, January 14, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  First call centre for Simhasthas to be held at Ujjain from April 22 to May 21 has started functioning. Any information regarding Simhastha can be obtained by dialing 1100. The call centre has been connected with 10 lines. At present, this facility has been given during office hours. In near future, call centre’s capacity will be enhanced to 25 lines. Through call centre, information pertaining to traffic and arrangements being made in zones and sectors as well as other Simhastha-related information can be obtained. Simhastha Mela Office is also going to introduce ‘Missed Call Facility’. On giving miss call to this facility, phone will be directly connected to Simhastha link. So far, 1748 plots have been allotted in Mela area. Of these, 131 plots have been allotted in Kal Bhairav zone, 741 Mangalnath, 771 Dutt Akhada and 105 plots have been allotted in Mahakal zone. For the first time, allotment letters of plots to Akhadas, saints and seers have been linked with IT.

QR-enabled allotment letters are unique. QR Code-enabled technique is different from Bar Code. Neither it can be changed nor overwritten. By reading QR code through card reader software, details will appear on screen. QR Code can also be scanned through mobile. Due to it, on the spot inspection of allotment letter will be possible. Works are being completed rapidly in Dutt Akhada zone. In this zone, 1786 employees will be deployed.

The zone has 1708 plots. Arrangement of 161 drinking water kiosks will be made in the zone. Levelling work is almost complete. Testing of 3 overhead tanks has been undertaken. Gate, road and boundary wall have been constructed in Panchayati Akhada. Rooms and road are being constructed in Anand Akhada. Ghats near Triveni Ghat has been painted with saffron colour. The ghats have assumed added beauty after being painted with saffron and light pink colours.