State’s supremacy in food production continues in country

Pioneer in food grains storage capacity

Bhopal, January 18, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Madhya Pradesh has maintained its supremacy in food grains production in the country. As a result of facilities being made available to farmers and farmer-friendly decisions, Madhya Pradesh has achieved highest agriculture growth rate. This is the reason that the state has been conferred Krishi Karman Award for the fourth consecutive year. Food grains production during year 2014-15 was 320.43 lakh MT, which was 32.19 percent more than 242.40 lakh MT during year 2013-14. Food grains production has been increasing constantly during last one decade. It was 142.95 lakh MT during year 2004-05 and increased gradually over the years. Similarly, Madhya Pradesh has now caught up with Punjab and Haryana in wheat production.

Wheat production in the state was only 73.65 lakh MT during year 2003-04, which rose to 184.84 lakh MT during year 2014-15. It was 32.66 percent more than 139.30 lakh MT during year 2013-14. Madhya Pradesh has also excelled in wheat productivity. During 2013-14, wheat productivity was 2405 kg per hectare, which rose to 3079 kg per hectare during year 2014-15.

Registering remarkable increase in rice production also, farmers in the state produced 54.38 lakh MT rice during year 2014-15, which is 95 percent more than 27.70 lakh MT during year 2013-14. Along with food grains production, storage capacity has also increased. It has risen to 158 lakh MT, which is highest in the country. Storage capacity was just 79 lakh MT 5 years ago in year 2010.