White tiger of Rewa to grace Rajpath in Republic Day parade 2016

tiger23.1.16Bhopal, January 23, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):   Madhya Pradesh tableau in this year Republic Day Parade 2016 in New Delhi will show white tiger of Rewa in its natural surroundings. White tiger’s life is being displayed in the tableau. In the front of the float there is a white tiger in standing position. In the middle a tiger is sitting like a lord. In the tableau white tiger is being portrayed living in his natural surroundings in forest. On both sides of the tableau little tigers are playing and roaming. In all, there are fifteen white tigers which can be seen in the tableau. White Tiger is not a different species but progeny of Royal Bengal Tiger that has got the amazing white hue because of a gene mutation. Zoological name – Panthera tigress. The habit and the habitat are the same; the life cycle is the same.

Normal age of the tiger ranges from 16 to 20 years. This is a proud moment for MP that on the initiative of Madhya Pradesh government and central government white tiger has once again being brought to its native habitat. World’s first white tiger safari is ready to be inaugurated in Mukundpur of Satna Distt. (near Rewa). This safari has brought the white tiger back to its original place.

This is also a matter of great pride that immediately after getting back its home, white tiger is being displayed in Republic Day Tableau. The Mukundpur Safari is being developed where white tiger has returned to the native. It is an emotional and proud moment for the people of this region. Particularly for the people of entire Rewa Division, it is a matter of great joy as the white tiger is this region’s gift to the world. White Tiger Safari is the pride not only of Vindhya but of the whole State.