Prime Minister reviews distribution of old age pension

PRAGATI video-conferencing held

lead28.1.16Bhopal, January 28, 2016 (Muslim Saleem):  During video-conferencing Pro-active Governance and Timely Implementation (PRAGATI), Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi held discussions on old age pension scheme, Aadhar registration, renewable energy, rural electrification scheme and projects pertaining to rails and roads today. It is noteworthy that the Prime Minister holds discussions with Chief Secretaries of various states through PRAGATI every month.

Chief Secretary Mr. Anthony de Sa informed the Prime Minister that all beneficiaries of old age, widow and disabled pensions have been linked with digital system. In the state, 83 percent beneficiaries are being provided pension through banks and 17 percent through post offices. He informed that it has come to the fore through this process that 3 lakh women of the recipients of old age pension are eligible for widow pension in the state. Since amount of widow pension is higher, window pension is being provided to these 3 lakh beneficiaries.

On this basis, the Chief Secretary suggested to the Prime Minister to abolish the upper limit of old age, disabled and widow pension. The Prime Minister consented to start this process following digitalization of pension schemes and linkage with Aadhar. Mr. de Sa also put forth suggestions about improvement in SMSes sent from banks to beneficiaries. Satisfaction was expressed on progress of Aadhar registration at video-conferencing. It was also informed that 4 solar parks have been sanctioned for the state in which 2750 MW power will be generated.