Green Simhastha concept to be concretized at Ujjain

Satellite towns will also have many facilities for devotees

Bhopal, February 12, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Every possible effort will be made to make Simhastha at Ujjain in April-May this year as Green Simhastha. Implementation of an action plan in this regard was reviewed by Collector Mr. Kavindra Kiyawat at Ujjain today.   The collector said that Bhandaras are held regularly by Akhadas during Simhastha. It becomes a challenge to dispose of materials used to serve food as Prasadi. He said that 50 self-help groups are being financed for this. As service providers, these SHGs will provide steel thalis, glasses etc. to Akhadas. Training would also be imparted to service providers. He asked bankers to finance 1000 thali-glass for SHGs. The meeting also discussed proper disposal of dona-pattal, plastic cups etc. Chamunda Mata zone for Simhastha is very significant from traffic point of view since most of its part falls in urban area. In this zone, 10 routes for mass traffic will be made.

Of these , 7 routes will be for Magic vehicles and 3 for city buses. Work on over-bridge in the zone is nearing completion. Chamunda zone will have 8 parking slots. The zone has also 2 railway flag stations Vikram Nagar and Pawasa. It is proposed to set up 11 help centres, 7 temporary police stations and 168 water kiosks. In all, 80 percent of 2775 hectares in Chamunda Zone fall in city area.

Keeping this in view, special attention is being paid to traffic management. Satellite towns being developed for Simhastha will also have many facilities for devotees. Display boards will show availability of spot parking. Advance booking will also be done for parking. The satellites will also have toilets, shelter houses, help desk, lost & found centres, temporary police stations and hospitals, public address system, control room and drinking water kiosks.