Craft bazaar at Hanuwantiya

Artifacts of lac and wood big draw

cfraft15.2.16Bhopal, February 15, 2016 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):   Craft bazaar during 10-day Jal-Mahotsav at Hanuwantiya has become centre of attraction of tourists as well as common visitors. Tourists are constantly visiting craft bazaar and buying goods of their choice. Mainly, artifacts made of lac, terracotta, ironcrafts, and woodcrafts, Mandna are big draw. Live demo of painting, papier-mâché, making of flowerpots, Batik prints, block prints, embroidery, artifacts of glass, loom makers and live pot making are also drawing tourists at the craft bazaar just in front of Hanuwantiya tourist complex. It has also a food zone where people are savouring dishes of their tastes. Tourism Development Corporation held water, air and land activities on Sunday, the third day of Jal-Mahotsav today. Famous Maihar Band will present sonorous tunes in the night of Monday February 15, 2016. Maihar Band is famous for its melodious and classic music tunes.