120 km long sewer lines laid in Ujjain Simhastha Mela area

Bhopal, February 17, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Public Health Engineering Department has laid 120 km long sewer line in Simhastha Mela area of to be held at Ujjain. Through these sewer lines, effluents from Pandals, shops and other establishment will be disposed of safely. For this, pipes of 100 to 700 mm-diameter have been laid. Work is going on speedily to connect chambers of toilets coming up in Mela area to the pipeline. From Mela area, filthy effluents will be channelised through pipeline towards 2 places. From Mela area, effluents will reach oxidation pond treatment plant at Unhel. After treatment there, water will be released in the pipeline of Khan diversion project. A sewerage water treatment plant is being constructed at Indore through modern technology at a cost of Rs. 193 crore. Work of its first phase has been completed. Entire construction will be completed by March before commencement of Simhastha at Ujjain. The plant has capacity of 245 MLD per day. It is biggest water treatment plant in Madhya Pradesh. It will have automatic machines of modern technology to treat sewer water. Treated water will be used in irrigation, industries and other purposes.