Tourists continue to pour in

Maihar Band’s sonorous presents leaves audience spell-bound

maihar17.2.16Bhopal, February 17, 2016 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):  Arrival of tourists from near and afar at first Jal-Mahotsav at Hanuwantiya is unabated. Activities in water, land and air are being held during 10-day long Jal-Mahotsav. Tourists and music lovers were left spell-bound by presentation of sonorous tunes by Maihar Band on Monday evening. Keeping this in view, the Band performed in the night of 5th day of the festival as well. Promoting rural environs of Nimar region, tourists are also being taken for sightseeing on bullock carts. Barrel of gun now spews music instead of bullets completing almost 100 years, Maihar Band (orchestra) was established by music maestro Padma Vibhushan Ustad Alauddin Khan in year 1918. Since then till date, artists have been carrying on this invaluable heritage of the Ustad continuously. For Maihar Band (orchestra), Ustad Allauddin Khan developed a music instrument called ‘Nal-Tarag’ by cutting a gun barrel, which is a unique in the world. Since then, members of the Maihar Band blow these instruments producing sonorous tunes instead of shooting bullets.

The only orchestra of classical music of its own kind in the world, Maihar Band is going to complete 100 years of its inception next year. At present, the band consists of 12 artistes who play tunes of hundreds of Rag-Raginis including Rag Manjari invented by Ustad Alauddin Khan. Maihar Band artistes include G.P. Pandey Uttam, Suresh Kumar Chaturvedi, Dr. Prabhu Dayal Dwivedi, Dr. Ashok Badhaulia, Ravindra Bhagwat, Gunakar Sanwle, Ramayan Chaturvedi , Vijay Sharma etc.