PM Mr. Modi’s call for resolve to double farmers’ income by year 2022

National agriculture market to be inaugurated on Ambedkar Jayanti

Pradhan Mantri crop insurance scheme launched from Sherpur, Sehore

lead19.2.16Bhopal, February 19, 2016 (Muslim Saleem):  Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has said that Pradhan Mantri Crop Insurance Scheme is panacea for all the problems of farmers. He said that efforts would be made to double the income of farmers by year 2022 through farmer-friendly policies coupled with toiled of farmers. Mr. Modi was launching the Pradhan Mantri Crop Insurance Schemes at Kisan Maha Sammelan at Sherpur, about 38 km from Bhopal today. He released a guideline booklet of the scheme on the occasion. While addressing lakhs of farmers at the Maha Sammelan Prime Minister called upon them to link with the new crop insurance scheme. This is the largest ever scheme of its kind formulated in the country in favour of farmers; he said adding that with this innovative crop insurance scheme in place natural calamities would not scare the farmers. The Prime Minister said that the farmers of Madhya Pradesh supported by the state government have created history in farm sector by their toil and sagacity enabling the state to make it to the top in the country. Receiving the Krishi Karman Award for four years in a row is a creditable achievement. He said that Madhya Pradesh has contributed significantly to brightening agriculture scenario of the country. Despite paucity of rain for last two years the farmer did not allow farm production to fall. He attributed it to the hard work of farmers.

The Prime Minister said that launching of the crop insurance scheme from Madhya Pradesh is appropriate given the excellent achievements of the state in agriculture. He said that farmers had many apprehensions about existing crop insurance schemes. We have formulated the new scheme that seeks to solve all their problems. Under this only 1.5 percent premium would be paid for rabi and 2 percent for kharif by the farmers whereas under existing schemes they were required to pay 12-14 percent premium. The new crop insurance scheme has no cap on payment of compensation.

Moreover, in case of loss to crop of even a single farmer in a village, he would get the benefit of insurance scheme. In the previous schemes insurance was done only after sowing. The new scheme provides that in the absence of rains if farmers fail to do sowing they would also be compensated. Insurance amount would be payable for harvested crops also in the field. There were delays in sanction of insurance amount in previous schemes. Under the new scheme 25 percent of the amount would be paid immediately and the remaining amount would be paid in minimum possible time. Now farmers would be paid compensation on loss of one third of crops,too. Earlier, it was time given only on loss of over 50 percent crop. The compensation has been raised three times, he added.

The Prime Minister said that improving the lot of farmers and transforming villages is on top of his priorities. Efforts would be made to bring farmers on a better footing through fusion of traditional farming practices and modern technology. In the time to come, a National Agricultural Marketing Platform would be developed to ensre benefit of Digital India to farmers. Under this 550 mandis would be integrated with its network. The National Agriculture Market would be launched on Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti on April 14.