Simhastha to have concrete drinking water arrangements

Preparations being made to supply 65 millions litres daily

simhas28.2.16Bhopal, February 28, 2016 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):   Concrete arrangements are being made to provide drinking water to devotees as per their requirement during Simhastha to be held at Ujjain from April 22 to May 21. Preparations are being made to supply 65 millions litre daily by Public Health Engineering Department. The department will undertake constant monitoring in Mela area. A filter plant of 27.25 million litre water costing Rs. 5 crore 81 lakh has been constructed at Gaughat. Similarly, a new filter plant of 8 million litre water with pump house costing Rs. 3 crore 75 lakh has been constructed at Sahibkheri. At Ambodiya and Gaughat also, water treatment plants have been upgraded at a cost of Rs. one crore 85 lakh.

PHE has spent Rs. 3 crore 33 lakh on repairs of 5 barrages of Kshipra river. In Mela’s Garhkalika area, sump well, pump and overhead tank are being constructed at cost of Rs. 58 lakh. At Gaughat water treatment plant, water from Narmada-Kshipra link project will be treated. After treatment, the water will be supplied through new overhead tanks constructed in Mahakal, Dutt Akhada and Chardham Mandir and Chintaman Ganesh Mandir. Sahibkheri filter plant of 8 MLD capacity will draw water from Sahibkheri lake. The plant has 3 pumps of 4 MLD capacity each. Of these, 2 pumps will be used for distribution and one would be kept on standby.

Arrangemnts are being made to supply water from Sahibkheri plant to Mangalnath zone through overhead tank constructed on Agar Road. The 2 existing old filter plants at village Ambodiya on Gambhir river has been renovated to ensure water supply. A filter plant has also been constructed at old lake at Udasa on Maksi Road. Thus, arrangements for water supply to devotees are being made through 7 old and new filter plants. PHE has laid 126 km long pipelines and made 4000 points on these lines for tap connections. Taps have also been tested. PHE has made arrangements to test water samples everyday to ensure supply of clean drinking water.

Samples will be tested at lab situated at Gaughat. Testing will be done by a private sector company. PHE has dug tubewells at various places in Mela area while 25 old tubewells have been cleaned to be readied for water supply. PHE has constructed 4 overhead tanks of 100 kilolitres each on Panchkroshi Path. Besides, pipelines for drinking water and drainage have also been laid. The department has also almost completed laying of pipelines in satellite towns. Effluents from sewer lines will be taken to 7 sewage pumping stations.