Banks of Kshipra river are centres of pilgrimage

Bhopal, March 19, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Ancient city Ujjayani is both ‘Bhaumtirth’ and ‘Nityatirth’. Since time immemorial the city has been permeated by divine superior energy. According to Skand Purana, the city is dotted by places of salvation on every step. According to Avantikhand, the area was once ‘Mahakal Van’ with hundreds of Shiv Lingas, due to which this entire land has become a pilgrimage. ‘Vayu Purana’, ‘Ling Purana’ and ‘Varah Purana’ also corroborate this.  Yajurveda mentions holy river Kshipra as ‘Kshipre Aveh Payah’. The river flows on 3 sides of the city due to which is it also called ‘Kardhani’. Holy bath on ghats of this river delivers devotees from sins. It is said that if someone just remembers Kshipra river from 100 Yojana (400 kos), all his sins are removed and he attains heaven. Originating from Malwa region, the river of salvation Kshipra falls into river Chambal (Charmanywati) after flowing 120 miles (195 kilometres). A number of seekers have attained to God through religious, spiritual and cultural pursuits on Kshipra banks. The temples, ashrams and centres of devotion on Kshipra banks help devotees attain to heaven. The city is considered as city of salvation since it helps one cross Bhavsagar. In Avantikhand of Skand Purana, ghats on the banks of Kshipra have been described as centres of pilgrimage and paeans have been sung in their praise. From Okhleshwar to Mangaleshwar, river Kshipra is Purvwahini.

The centres of pilgrimage mentioned in Avantikhand include Shankhodwar, Ajagandh, Chakra, Anarak, Jatabhrang, Ind, Gop, Chivita, Saubhayayak, Ghrit, Shankhawart, Sudhodak, Durdhursh, Gopeendra, Pushkarand, Lampeshwar, Kamodak, Prayag, Bhadrajatdev, Koti, Sarvarnkshuk, Som, Veereshwar, Nag, Narsingh etc.  The city has a number of lakes, wells, stairwells, ponds, Kunds apart from Kshipra river. Its seven lakes are Ratnakar, Sola or Purushottam, Vishnu, Govardhan Ksheer, Pushkar and Rudra Sagar. In every age, the city has been water-rich and green. Its natural beauty has been mentioned by poets in their literary works.

There are several worth seeing tourist spots on Kshipra banks including Triveni-based Navgrih and Shani Mandir, Naringhghat, Ramghat, Mangalanth, Siddhnath, Kal Bhairav, Bhartrahari’s cave, Kaliyadoh palace, Surya Mandir etc. Lakhs of devotees visit these places round the year. Scene of mini India is presented by Simhastha Mahaparv on the banks of Kshipra at Ujjain. That is why, Ghats on the banks of Kshipra are second to none. Devotees from India and abroad perform Shradh and Tarpan for peace to their forefathers on Kshipra ghats, which also adds to significance of Ujjayani.