Bank of India starts constructing e-gallery for Simhastha

Bhopal, March 23, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):   Banks are undertaking various works continuously in Mela area for Simhastha to be held from April 22 to May 21 at Ujjain. During the period, facilities including ATM, Mobile ATM, debit cards, point of sale machines, coin dispenser machines and foreign exchange will be provided. For this, banks are constructing e-galleries on plots allotted to them. Bank of India has started construction of its e-gallery at Khak Chowk in Mangalnath Zone. E-galleries will have several specialities like ATM, deposit machine, coin dispenser machine etc. Banking services will be provided to devotees by 20 banks in Mela area, which also has 12 mobile ATMs. In entire Mela area, 35 ATMs will be set up. Similar number of ATMs will be established in Mela’s adjoining areas like Mahakal, Harsiddhi, Kal Bhairav, Bhairavgarh, Ramghat etc. In view of Simhastha, Family Heritage Walk was held at Ksheer Sagar ground at Ujjain on January 24 and cylcothon on January 26. In Family Heritage Walk, 6300 persons had walked 2 kms. Similarly, cylcothon was held on 67th Republic Day on January 26. The cyclists carrying message ‘Green Ujjain-Clean Ujjain’ had cycled through major roads in Ujjain city upto Kartik Mela ground. For both these events, Golden Book of World Records had issued provisional certificates. After witnessing video-recording, committee of Golden Book of World Records has officially confirmed breaking of record.