Banks must deploy security guards

Mr. Gaur felicitates 2 persons for helping in capture of bank robbers

gaur3.4.16Bhopal, April 3, 2016 (Abdul Ahad Farhan): Home and Jails Minister Mr. Babulal Gaur has said that banks must deploy able and strong security guards. Mr. Gaur was felicitating 2 persons who helped in capture of criminals who robbed UCO Bank at Bhopal recently. Mr. Gaur said that banks have people’s money. It is their responsibility to deploy security guards. He said that reward of Rs. 25 thousand each has been given to civilian Mr. Abhimanyu Wishwakarma and head constable Mr. Pyarelal for helping in capture of bank robbers. Mr. Gaur presented bouquets to them and lauded their presence of mind and sense of duty. Mr. Gaur also lauded SP Mr. Anushuman Singh and his entire team.